IG Wines offers storage solutions for all clients. Wines bought through IG Wines, unless otherwise specified, are automatically moved to our private storage chamber in LCB Dinton Woods in Salisbury. There the wines are allocated under your name and left to mature in optimal conditions. However, should a client wish to open their own account at Dinton Woods or transfer their purchases elsewhere, the logistics team at IG Wines will be happy to assist.

Dinton Woods is a recently refurbished wine storage complex situated in 100 acres of secluded woodland. The underground cellars provide perfect conditions for ageing and storing fine wines. The security in place to protect your investment is unmatched, consisting of thick, reinforced concrete walls, heavy steel doors, three metre high perimeter fences, CCTV, alarms and guards.


Storage (ex VAT):
Up to and including 6x75cl is £6.25
More than 6x75cl, up to and including 12x75cl is £12.50

For cases remaining in your account on 31st December 2023, storage fees will be charged annually. This price is inclusive of full insurance cover at market value.

Condition reports (ex VAT)
: £5

Handling Fees (ex VAT): 

Exclusively for wines sent to us for storage or brokering, not those bought through IG Wines. If cases are being sent in for brokering, an additional charge of £5 per case will apply for photos. Unless current photos can be supplied prior to arrival.

 1 case£5.00
 2-10 cases£3.50 per case
 10+ cases£2.00 per case
 Mixed cases Additional £5

For any questions regarding storage, handling and delivery, contact us at operations@igwines.com.