IG Wines believes regular tastings are a key component of keeping abreast of the latest releases and vintages. It is for this reason, IG Wines actively holds various dinners and tastings throughout the year. These regularly include vertical or horizontal tastings, talks and tutored tastings from the estate owners, the winemakers themselves or from one of the IG Wines team.

IG Wines can also offer bespoke events ranging from large corporate events to intimate dinners. For special occasions IG Wines can host private tastings or dinners at some of the most interesting venues worldwide. Previous tastings include a Grand Cru tour of the Cote d’Or, Bordeaux vs Super Tuscans and Grand Cru Bordeaux and their Second Wines.

IG Wines are proud of offering the best wine events and experiences in the industry to our clients. If you would like further information on upcoming tastings or would like us to arrange a bespoke event, please email info@igwines.com.

Upcoming Events