Cash Buyer

IG Wines can offer some of the most competitive cash buy prices for your wines due to our low margins. Any wines we are not currently able to cash buy can be added to our brokered list. IG Wines have a cash buying module available to all clients. It utilises market leading technology which aggregates pricing from leading market sources and offers real-time buy prices for your wines. To obtain a cash buy offer for any wines you are currently looking to sell, please email


IG Wines broker wines at mid-market prices. We list the wines live on our trading platform, add wines to our sales list and actively sell the wines in the UK, mainland Europe, the US and Asia. We take a 10% fee for all wines we broker unless the client is reinvesting, where the fee is reduced to 7.5%. All sell prices are agreed between the client and their account manager prior to listing.


IG Wines have developed extensive sourcing channels through producers, negociants, merchants and private sellers worldwide. We use this network to offer our clients the best access to the world’s most sought-after wines.