La Place de Bordeaux enters the global spotlight of fine wine each Spring when it releases the latest vintage of Bordeaux En Primeur. However, over the last two decades there is a second period of the year in which it has an increasing level of prominence, whereby some of the finest non-Bordeaux wines in the world feature too. Enter the ‘September Releases’. Below you can find our guide to the month, the release calendar and our top recommendations and editorials updated as the wines come to market.

Chateau Latour

Our Guide to September Releases

The world of fine wine can be somewhat confusing even to those within it; the concept of La Place de Bordeaux and its role within the industry is no exception. Some may already be familiar with La Place, the historic three-tiered system used for selling the fine wines of Bordeaux. But many do not know that the treasures of La Place stretch far beyond South Western France. Learn how to navigate the upcoming release calendar and see our personal highlights below.

The Wines