William Fevre established his domaine in 1959, beginning his winemaking career with a modest 7 hectares of land. He quickly purchased an array of Premier and Grand Cru vineyards that had fallen out of fashion and the estate soon grew to an impressive 50 heactares. Today, William Fevre is one of the largest landowners in Chablis, comprising of 78 hecatres, 15.9 hectares of which are classified as Premier Crus whilst a further 15.2 hectares are Grand Crus. With such an abundance of quality vineyards stretched across Chablis’ famed Kimmeridgian soil, one can understand how William Fevre became widely considered as one of the best producers in Chablis. William himself retired in 1998 and the domaine was bought by the Champagne House, Joseph Henriot.

This new ownership has made large investments in the domaine’s winemaking and resulted in the employment of Didier Seguier – Director of William Fevre. Seguier has moved the domaine away from William Fevre’s polarising use of new oak, leading to the William Fevre name becoming synonymous with classic Chablis. Nonetheless, the Premier Cru and Grand Cru wines are still vinified in 40-50% or 70-80% oak respectively; however this is not new wood and is brought from Seguier’s previous home Maison Bouchard. All the William Fevre domaine wines are handpicked whilst the Grand Crus are harvested in small ‘cagettes’. Seguier’s tenure has been marked by his advocacy for environmental sustainability and aims for the domaine to be certified organic by 2024. The focus of William Fevre today is promoting their exceptional terroir and the character of truly great Chablis.

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2021 Domaine William Fevre, Chablis Grand Cru, Bougros 3x75cl

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