Founded in 17th Century, Chateau Saint Pierre has been part of Domaines Henri Martin since 1982, and adds to their portfolio which includes Chateau Gloria. Prior to this, the estate had been divided between families for several generations and was broken into many small parcels. Henri Martin reformed the estate to how is was known in 1855 when it received 4th Grand Cru Classe status in the Bordeaux Classification of that year. From then on, Saint Pierre has become known as a stalwart of Saint Julien wines. Martin humorously summarised his story, saying “It took me sixty years cover the 100 metres between Gloria and Saint Pierre!”.

Martin’s son-in-law Jean-Louis Triaud manages the estate today with his children, and continues to uphold Henri’s legacy. Saint Pierre has 17 hectares to its name which are undergoing a conversion to organic viticulture; the estate already uses a mixture or organic and biodynamic practices that are unique to Saint Pierre.

The estate produces two wines, Chateau Saint Pierre and Esprit de Saint Pierre, in addition to providing some of their grapes to the Gloria estate. Annual production of Chateau Saint Pierre is around 75,000 bottles, with the wine being predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon with around 10-15% of both Merlot and Cabernet Franc. In addition to the traditional new French oak barriques, Jean-Louis favours the use of amphorae in the winery and hopes to move towards an equal split between the two different vessels.

Available Wines