Since its inaugural release, Pangaea has captured significant attention worldwide. The collaborative creation between South African winemaker Travis Braithwaite and renowned blender Michel Rolland, Pangaea is an iron fist in the velvet glove. With extensive coverage in the media from The Financial Times to Forbes and with commendations from renowned wine critics including Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Pangaea is indeed a hot-ticket wine.

Made in tiny volumes of circa 2,500 bottles, this ‘Wine of the World’ has received a plethora of global admiration. With the 2019 vintage receiving a perfect 100 point score from Perrotti-Brown in addition to the 2016’s exceptional 96 points, the incredible buying opportunity of this one of a kind wine that “offers an adventurous journey that is as cerebral and intricate as any story told by a single vineyard wine” is beyond doubt. In 2023, Pangaea’s vinous precision featured in the Financial Times as an “extremely harmonious, beautifully composed” multi-blend, in addition to Forbes which named Pangaea as “one of the most audacious wine labels in recent memory”. Perrotti-Brown concurs these sentiments, aptly naming the power duo’s “brainchild” as “an adventure story”.

Each vintage of Pangaea is a completely unique expression with a different assemblage. The boundary-pushing collaboration between Braithwaite and the ‘King of the Blend’ Rolland has resulted in the next ultimate cult collectible wine. An incredible vision to source from five different countries on four continents, the wine displays “power with strong and silky tannins” from the Cabernet Sauvignon of California’s Napa Valley, a “dense, round and supple” body from the Merlot of Bordeaux’s Right Bank, delightful “aromas, finesse and elegance” offered from the Cabernet Franc in South Africa’s Helderberg, a “very fruity, black and dense” fruit profile from the Malbec from Argentina’s Valle de Uco, and an intensity like no other from the Petit Verdot from the renowned Spanish vineyard, Dehesa del Carrizal.

Michel Rolland is considered by many as the ultimate modern winemaker. Holding the title of cellar master, oenologist and consultant, he advises more than 150 wineries in 13 countries including some of Napa Valley’s most highly regarded wineries, including Bryant Family, Harlan Estate, Dalla Valle Vineyards, and Screaming Eagle. As such, Pangaea has already caught the attention of many established collectors in the US, Europe, the Middle East & Asia.

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