Le Pin was purchased by the Thienpoint family, who also own Vieux Château Certan, in 1979 for one million francs from Madame Laubie whose family had owned the minuscule estate since 1924. It is named after a solitary pine tree that can be viewed from the property which lies on a raised plateau in Pomerol.

Le Pin occupies a site that is less than two hectares on the right bank of the Gironde Estuary. Despite its size, the quality of wine produced is outstanding and the exotic palate of lavish, rich, ripe black fruit and integrated oak give this wine its great distinction.

The dream of Jacques Thienpoint was to produce wine that competed with the best of Pomerol and this was achieved, albeit in very small quantities. The 1982 vintage became legendary immediately and since then Le Pin have produced critically acclaimed wines on a regular basis. The tiny production and undeniable quality have coupled to produce wines that are sold at a price other Crus find hard to achieve and are, on occasion, the most expensive in the world.