The vineyard from which the grapes of La Serena derive has been owned by the Mantengoli family since the 1930s, as part of their larger Estate, La Rasa. In 1988 the family’s youngest sons Andrea and Marcello entered the Mantengoli family’s winery. The family had been owners of La Rasa farm since 1933, however this new generation of the family marked the beginning of their own high quality Brunello wine-making, propelling them quickly to the forefront of the leading producers in Montalcino. The wonderful success can be attributed to the outstanding terroir and the care, attention and devotion they pay their grapes. In addition, the Mantengoli family have employed agronomist Lucio Maruotti and winemaker Paolo Caciorgna to push the envelope of quality.

The 8.5 hectare Estate is cited to the north-east of Montalcino within sub-region of Torrenieri. The vineyard is located at 400 metres above sea level; the soil consists of clay, calcareous matter and these factors combined mean the vines experience a longer ripening period and retain higher levels of acidity than their lower altitude counterparts. Furthermore the soil in the vineyard is less compact, lending the wine to greater approachability in its youth.

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