As one of the four children of Marc Colin, viticultural expertise runs through the veins of Joseph Colin who established his own domaine in 2016. Having learnt his craft at his father’s domaine, Joseph took his six-hectare share of the vineyards and produced his first commercial vintage in 2017. From his young vines, Joseph manages to create an astounding range of cuvees mostly from the St Aubin and Chassagne-Montrachet appellations. He limits bunches on each vine, allowing greater control of the yield and works with the phases of both the moon and the tides.

As one of the newest, and most coveted, names in the Cote de Beaune, Joseph Colin produces wines that are authentic, pure expressions of the terroir which show intense flavours, minerality and salinity. Joseph is an advocate of organic methods in the vineyard as well as minimal interference in the cellar. As such, only natural yeasts are used and racking, battonage and new oak are avoided as is the addition of sulphur (unless absolutely necessary). The domaine now produces around 40,000 bottles per year, with production unlikely to increase so that Joseph can continue to taste every barrel and decide on the necessary approach for each wine.

Available Wines