Fontodi is a Tuscan powerhouse! Its famous Flaccianello della Pieve is one of the most central and important single varietal Super Tuscans, a standout wine and one to collect as a vertical. The single vineyard, Fontodi Vigna del Sorba has cemented itself as ‘potentially’ the finest Sangiovese-Cabernet Sauvignon blend, 95% of the former and 5% the latter, thereby allowing it to be a DOCG wine.

They both began as single vineyard crus in 1981, sourced from the vineyard which they are eponymously named. This created two huge Tuscan red wines which are known for synthesising Italy’s traditional characteristics of Sangiovese with modern vinification techniques. The progeny of this wine making decision resulted in Flaccianello della Pieve which has achieved Super Tuscan status and the simply glorious Vigna del Sorbo.

Their vineyards are located near Panzano, the viticulural epicentre of Chianti and a place close to my heart for its staggering beauty. The vineyards benefit from their position in a naturally occurring amphitheatre, known locally as Conca d‘Oro (the golden shell), with a southern facing aspect and superb marl soil, which aids in water retention throughout the warm summers. Taken together these conditions fashion grapes with wonderful sugar and tannin potential. The marl soil, elevation and great drainage allow the owners Marco and Giovanni Manetti along with the winemaker Franco Bernabei to harvest grapes with almost perfect ripeness and balance. Marco and Giovanni are brothers and cousins of the original visionaries of the Manetti family who founded Fontodi in 1969, originally from a  vineyard that heralds back to the 8th Century

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