The Errazuriz estate was founded by Don Maximiano Errazuriz in 1870. Based in the Valle de Aconcagua, about 100km North of Santiago, the are benefits from hot dry summers that are interspersed with cool, moist breezes from the Pacific Ocean. These ideal grape growing conditions have resulted in the production truly outstanding wines from the estate. Don Maximiano sourced the finest clones from France when starting the 300 hectare estate, after which point his son Rafael took over and expanded the total area to more than 1,300 hectares – making it the largest vineyard at the time with a single owner in the world!

In 1983, Eduardo Chadwick, Don Maximiano’s great-grandson, joined the Errazuriz and was determined to uphold the high quality of wines that had been produced by his family as well as raising the profile of Chilean wines across the world. He travelled to Bordeaux where he studied viticulture with Emile Peinaud and in 1993 the estate became one of the pioneers of planting Syrah in Chile. In 2004, inspired by the 1976 Judgement of Paris, Chadwick hosted his own Judgement of Berlin with Stephen Spurrier and global wine critics. This tasting put Errazuriz, and Chilean wines, on the map with one of their wines being ranked in the top ten of the world. The estate inaugurated its Don Maximiano Icon Winery in 2010; a new winery, built under a sustainable philosophy which aims to demonstrate the efficient use of energy that wineries can adopt. In 2018, Eduardo Chadwick was recognised as Man of the Year by Decanter for his lifelong service to fine wine.

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