In 1896 a young Alsatian agricultural engineer, Marcel Ott toured France’s wine-growing areas, his dream was to create a truly great wine estate near the Mediterranean and he found this in Provence. In the heart of this region, among the oldest wine producing in France, Ott found the grape cultivation destroyed by phylloxera and set about replanting estates with quality grape varieties. In 1912 Marcel founded the eponymously named Domaines Ott, focusing on quality, passion and savoir faire, which has been passed down man to boy for generations. The Ott family have developed a range of high quality red and whites, but they are famed for their rosé wines from three estates, Chateau de Selle, Couer de Grain and Clos Mireille. These are considered to be the acme of Provencal Rosé, declared in 2004 declared by Coeur de Grain as the finest rosé in the world. In 2004 Domaines Ott became part of the Louis Roederer Champagne house and since 2009 the Estate has been co-managed by cousins Christian and Jean-Francois Ott, thereby partnering one of France’s most celebrated producers with the passion and expertise of the Ott family; the fourth generation.

The most critically acclaimed of the Ott rosés is their superlative Clos Mirelle, which adorns the world’s top restaurants: it is also said no lunch can be complete in the Cote d’Azur without a bottle of Domaines Ott Clos Mireille. Clos Mireille was acquired by the family in 1935, selected for its ancient terrain which distinguishes it from other terrain due to its mix of shale and clay soils and its broad seafront location; 100 yards from the Mediterranean coast. This aspect creates an incredible microclimate, benefiting from sea spray which cools the vines. The Estate is marked by an 18th Century country house and surrounded by palm trees, providing a unique setting and aesthetic aspect to this world class Estate.

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