The founder of this historical domaine, Henri Gouges, was at the forefront of the battle against fraud in Burgundy in the 1920s as well as being involved in delineating the region’s crus in the 1930s with the Institut National d’Appellation d’Origine. Located in Nuits-St-Georges, the domaine today covers close to 14 hectares and is best known for their red wines. Henri Gouges produces seven Premier Crus – 1 white wine and 6 reds – with the Clos des Porrets Saint Georges Premier Cru monopole being their most famous holding. It was also during Henri’s time that there was a mutation of their Pinot vines which mutate from red to white and became known as Pinot Gouges. The domaine’s Perrieres plot is planted with Pinot Gouges, which is the only grape the domaine use in the production of their white wines.

Today, grandsons of Henri Gouges, cousins Pierre and Christian, are in charge of the domaine and uphold the estate’s high standards. In the vineyards, the domaine aims to preserve the purity of the fruit as much as possible. Therefore, the grapes are all harvested by hand before, in the winery, gravity is used as well as extraction through infusion. For between 10 and 18 months the wines are aged in oak barrels, with 10 to 30 per cent of new oak used in order to refine the terroir. This results in wines which have the strength and structure to go through cellar ageing but equally retain a fine and silky quality. Production is small from this increasingly popular domaine making those bottles one can find all the more special.

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