The first reference to Domaine de Lambrays dates from 1365 and comes in the form of an engraved milestone commemorating the founding of the Clos des Lambrays that can still be found in its original location today. Based in the heart of Morey-Saint-Denis, the vines are planted on the steepest part of the slops and have an average age of 40 years. The exposure and variety of terroirs that the vines are planted on has resulted in the domaine becoming known for producing wines that show both power and elegance. This is achieved as up to 100% of the stems are included for most of their vintages and around 50% of new oak is used for elevage. In addition to their Premier Cru and village vineyards, the domaine’s 8.8 hectare Clos de Lambrays vineyard is the largest Grand Cru parcel in Burgundy that is owned by a single proprietor. Despite the Domaine de Lambarys’ lengthy history, it was only in 1981 that the climat was elevated to Grand Cru. In 1996 domaine was purchased by the Freune family who invested greatly in the domaine, leading to an increase in quality. LVMH acquired Domaine de Lambarys in 2014, ensuring the future whilst retaining the traditions and skills of the domaine.

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