Located in the northeast of Saint Julien, Chateau Talbot is one of the largest estates in the appellation, comprising of 110 hectares of vineyards that are interwoven with neighbouring estates Leoville Las Cases, Leoville Barton and Leoville Poyferre. Around 105 hectares of the vineyards are dedicated to red grape varieties, with the remaining 5 hectares for white. Despite the size of the vineyard, the harvest at Talbot is always performed by hand with meticulous grape selection carried out in the process. As a leading Fourth Growth estate, Talbot offers some of the best value wine in Saint Julien.

The estate was named after the Earl of Shrewsbury, John Talbot, who in 1435 lost the battle which resulted in Bordeaux – and its vineyards – returning to French control after 340 years of belonging to England. For the last century, the estate has been owned by the Cordier family. Their decision to appoint Jean-Marc Laporte as general manager in 2017 has been warmly welcomed by critics who are now expecting new heights from their wines and are naming Talbot amongst the most intriguing Bordeaux properties to follow.

The vines are planted on well-drained hilltops formed of fine gravel with a core of fossil-rich limestone. After harvest and a second sorting, the grapes are de-stemmed after which the wine is matured for 18 months in the Chateau’s imposing and impressive cellar. Finished in 2012, the barrel cellar, designed by Bordeaux architects Nairac and Vacheyrout, is home to no less than 1,800 barrels and is a stunningly beautiful feat of design and engineering. The Cabernet Sauvignon dominant Grand Vin represents around 50 to 60% of the estate’s total production and is famous for its richness paired with elegance and silky tannins. With time it develops a delicate, complex aromatic bouquet with tones of cedar and Havana tobacco.

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