Castello Banfi was founded in 1978 by brothers, John and Harry Mariani, the owners of the U.S. wine importer Banfi Vintners. Their goal was to combine the privileged micro climatic position of the vineyards surrounding the iconic Banfi castle, with state of the art technology and science. Together, the Mariani family and Ezio Rivella, one of Italy’s foremost oenologists, selected this site for the richness of the soils and its great capacity for development. The constellation of wonderfully positioned vineyards are found around the medieval castle, covering 2,380 hectares, one third of the estate. Upon purchasing the estate the family begun several research projects, the foremost of these was focused on clonal selection. In the 1980’s Banfi teamed up with the University of Milan to research 600 clones. This led to the production of a clonal blend, which utilises clones Janus 50, 10 and BF 30 to provide a wine with open and elegant fruit while retaining enormous ageing potential. The grape Sangiovese is the beating heart of Tuscan wine and the symbol Montalcino and through attentive clonal selection the Estate mastered its versatility in the historic Brunello denomination. Today six of the 45 registered clones of Sangiovese are from Castello Banfi and they focus on the aforementioned three clones which have been isolated and planted to take advantage of the variability of the soil in Montalcino.

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