In 1806, the Scotsman, John Lewis Brown, founded Chateau Cantenac Brown after purchasing the estate and vineyards before constructing a grand, Tudor style Chateau which is now one of the most recognisable in all Bordeaux. This 3eme Cru Classe estate has 42 hectares of vines based around the Western edge of the Margaux appellation. The soil is typical of the appellation, with gravel, sand and limestone, and the vines have an average age of 35 years.  Known for fragrant, perfumed wines, Chateau Cantenac Brown is well balanced and harmonious, often showing cassis-scented fruits.

The estate had several owners throughout the following century and a half, during which time economic downturn and diseases in the vineyards affected Chateau Cantenac Brown along with many other Bordeaux estates. However, in 1989 AXA Millesimes acquired the Chateau and gave the estate the investment it greatly needed. The AXA team, whose record of running great estates in Bordeaux includes Lynch-Bages and Pichon Baron, employed Jose Sanfins as winemaker and the quality of Cantenac Brown began to improve.

The Chateau is now owner by the Le Lous family; originally from a Burgundian based family, Tristian Le Lous’s passion for oenology allows him and Sanfins to work seamlessly together in order to produce some top quality wines. Their shared desire for Cantenac Brown to have the highest level of environmental standards led the duo to begin creating a raw earth cellar in 2020. This one-of-a-kind, 5000m² wine cellar guarantees thermal inertia and the perfect humidity for ageing wines.

Available Wines