Classified as a 3ème Cru Classé, Calon Ségur is the most ancient of the leading estates in Saint Estéphe with its origins dating as far back as the 12th Century. It was at this time the lords of Lesparre gave it to the bishop of Poitiers, Monseigneur de Calon. However, the area was also referred to as ‘Calones’ after the little river skiffs used to transport timber across the Gironde. In the 1700s, the property belonged to the Marquis de Ségur who was famous for owning Lafite and Latour. Legend has it the Marquis was so fond of Calon Ségur that he said he made his wine at Lafite and Latour, but his heart was at Calon, this led to the heart-shaped emblem that adorns the bottle to this day. In the 19th Century, the property belonged to the famous French financier Pierre-Sévère de Lestapis. He formed the company of Lestapis Frères with his brothers, and they became instrumental in building business links with India and South America. The property has been owned by the Gasqueton family for the last century.

Château Calon Ségur is located to the north of Saint Estèphe and is in fact the northern-most château with classified growth status. The Château itself dates from the 17th Century and the property is surrounded by a large stone wall.  74-hectares of vineyards are planted on clay and gravel soil. The grand vin is aged in 40% new oak and is predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon, up to 90% in some vintages.

Calon Ségur produces meaty wines with plenty of depth and concentrated fruit flavours with recent vintages claiming a cult following by consumers and investors alike.