After emigrating from Germany, the Glaetzer family settled in the Barossa Valley in 1888 and were some of the earliest recorded viticulturalists in this region. In 1995, Colin Glaetzer established the boutique family winery which is now overseen by his son, Ben. Having been awarded a plethora of trophies and awards for his wines, including Robert Parker’s Wine Personality of the Year 2005, Ben Glaetzer is widely viewed as one of the most exciting winemakers the world over.

Ben Glaetzer is extremely devoted to Barossa and all the fruit is sourced from a square mile of vineyards located in Ebenezer, a small and highly celebrated sub-region. Their vines are ancient, producing low yields of concentrated and healthy fruit from vines that range from 80 to 110 years; Barossa is one of the last bastions of old vines largely unaffected by the scourge of Phylloxera. The almost fully self-sufficient old vines are extremely adaptable to climatic extremes, therefore most of the vineyards are non-irrigated apart from some newer vines which have drip irrigation to alleviate stress during droughts. As a region, Ebenezer’s low rainfall and relative humidity gives Glaetzer’s wines their intense colours but retains an approachability that is the hallmark of the estate’s house style. Ben favours a minimal intervention approach and uses a specific neutral strain of yeast for fermentation in order to fully express the fruit’s natural flavours, as well as extending the skin contact duration which helps tannin development and palate structure.

Glaetzer produces single varietal wines as well as blends, maximising the potential of the grape varieties grown; Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. Taking inspiration from Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology, Glaetzer’s wines have names and labels which reflect their various qualities including Anaperenna – the Roman Goddess of the New Year – as well as Amon Ra – who was considered to be the king of all Egyptian Gods.

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