Chateau Ausone is one of the oldest properties in Bordeaux, although the Chateau itself dates from the 19th Century. Legend has it that the villa once belonged to the Roman poet Ausonius. This story gave Jean Cantanae, winemaker, the idea of naming the estate Ausone in the early 17th Century. The property has remained in the same extended family since the revolution, and it was Edouard Dubois who steered the Château through a period of lower quality during the late 19th Century. After Dubois’ death in 1921 the estate passed to his widow Heylette Dubois-Challon and his children from a previous marriage, the Vauthier family. Fighting between the two families resulted in the French courts ordering the Dubois-Challon family to sell their shares to the Vauthiers.


1976 was a key moment for Ausone with the appointment of Pascal Delbeck as winemaker immediately after his graduation from Viticultural school. He modernised the estate and moved the wine to new heights. In 1995 Michel Rolland was appointed as a consultant oenologist and it is their partnership that keeps Ausone at the top of its game.


Chateau Ausone is situated on the limestone côte close to the town of Saint-Emilion and alongside Cheval Blanc. The property was given the top rating in the 1955 Saint-Emilion classification of Premier Grand Cru (A). It is a relatively small estate compared to other top-rated Bordeaux chateaux, and its 7-hectare vineyard is planted almost entirely to Cabernet Franc and Merlot. A small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon appears in its second wine, Chapelle d’Ausone. The soil here is clay and sand on limestone, this is unique for the area and the steep slopes the vines are planted on are ideal for drainage.


Ausone possesses a delicate and structured nose with rich concentrations of exotic fruit and a long finish. The wine requires significant ageing and good vintages will keep improving for decades. The demand for this wine that rivals Château Lafite for its delicacy is higher than ever. A very limited production of fewer than 2000 cases annually makes Château Ausone one of the most sought-after Saint-Émilion wines.