Domaine Arluad was founded in 1949 through the marriage of Joseph Arlaud to Renee Amiot, whose dowry included parcels in excellent vineayrds across Burgundy. In 1966, the domaine bought a 14th Century building in Nuits Saint Georges for storing and ageing their wines – an image of these ancient cellars is depicted on the labels of their bottles. Over time and with greater expansion to the domaine, a modern operations facility was acquired in Morey-Saint-Denis, leaving the 14th Century building as the home of the domaine’s library, but is also used for special events and tastings. The domaine has always been a family affair, with Joseph’s children and grandchildren working in various aspects of the business; Cyprien Arlaud now leads the domaine with techniques described by Jasper Morris MW as “modern classic” in order to produce a range of elegant and balanced wines.

Since 1998, the domaine has been working to reduce the negative effects that some modern agricultural techniques can have on wine production. This included stopping the use of herbicides and cultivating according to organic principles meaning that no pesticides or synthetic fertilizer were to be used across their 15 hectares. Joseph’s granddaughter, Bertille, returned the domaine to the use of horses for ploughing for all of the estate’s Premier and Grand Cru sites. This is in addition to the prestigious Grand Cru sites – Clos de la Roche, Clos Saint-Denis, Charmes-Chambertin and Bonnes-Mares – being pruned uniquely by hand. In 2010 the domaine’s approach was foramlised as they were awarded organic status; this led to the domaine choosing to become completely biodynamic, by using methods and treatments that revitalise the vineyard soil. It was a great achievement in 2014 that Domaine Arlaud became the first estate in Morey-Saint-Denis to have biodynamic accreditation from Biodyvin.

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