Since our original hugely popular release of Cristal 2006 this autumn we have been looking to secure another parcel. The great news is that since our original release Cristal 2006 has been reviewed by two of the world’s leading critics and the outcome is excellent: awarded 97 points from the leading Champagne critic Richard Juhlin and in the last few days 96+ from Antonio Galloni. Up until this year Galloni was Robert Parker’s Champagne critic and as such taken together Juhlin and Galloni can be seen as Champagne’s leading authorities.

These scores make the 2006 immediately undervalued at £600 per half case; critically it is on par with the great 2002 vintage and is currently 34% cheaper. Interestingly the 2002 vintage in turn is itself a great investment when one considers that the 1996 was scored 96 points by Galloni and trades at £1,500 per case of six and the 1990 which scored 97 trades comfortably for £1,920.

Cristal, 6×75, price comparisons:
2006 – 96+ Galloni, 97 Juhlin – £600
2004 – 97 Galloni, 96 Juhlin – £775
2002 – 96+ Galloni, 97 Juhlin – £900

2006 is shaping up to be one of the greatest Champagne vintages in the last 20 years. The weather was warm throughout the summer, creating beautifully concentrated grapes. A cold and somewhat rainy August helped the grapes retain freshness and a backbone of acidity, while a dry and warm September provided near perfect conditions for the harvest. This Cristal will improve in bottle for at least another 40 years.

Cristal is recognised along with Krug Clos de Mensil and Salon as the finest vintage cuvee on the market. It has a huge global collector base and one of the largest; perhaps the largest restaurant, hotel, members and night club markets. With only 25,000 to 32,000 cases produced only in top selected vintages, Cristal’s global demand outstrips its supply, making it incredibly hard to source with age, this is apparant in the recent vintages 2002 and 2004 which have seen a 30% price increase since their release. Galloni and Juhlin have only just released their scores and the market has not had time to factor these into the price.

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