Following our aged Opus One, Dominus and Insignia release, we are delighted to be able to offer some of the greatest wines from the greatest vintages in the history of Napa Valley. Resultantly, the wines today include numerous 100 point scores, many which were the first perfect score for the respective Estates. Each Estate produces minuscule amounts per year, which disappear into collectors’ cellars. Each bottle was purchased on release and stored only in a custom-built temperature controlled storage facility. We will be shipping the portfolio next week and it will be available for delivery next month. Access to stock with this provenance at below market prices represents a unique opportunity to enjoy bottles which otherwise are hard to source.

Araujo Estate Wines
The formerly eponymously named Araujo Estate Wines, which was renamed Eisele Vineyard Estate in 2016, is considered as one of the leading California Cult Wineries. Their flagship wine, Araujo Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vineyard is considered one of the First Growths in Napa, producing less than 1,500 cases a year. The Estate was founded in in 1990 by Bart and Daphne Araujo and their first vintage was in 1991. In 2013 the Estate was bought by Francois Pinault, the owner of Chateau Latour.

WineYearWAUnitQtyPrice% Dis
Araujo Estate Eisele Vyrd Cab Sav1995981×7510£2607%
Araujo Estate Eisele Vyrd Cab Sav2001991×759£2308%
Araujo Estate Eisele Vyrd Cab Sav2002991×7512507%
Araujo Estate Eisele Vyrd Syrah1994981×752£2408%


Bond Estate
Leave it to a man such as Bill Harlan, owner of Harlan Estate — which is itself in the elite upper echelon of Napa Valley wines — to do in less than two decades what winemakers in Burgundy have done for centuries: produce world-class wines showcasing the unique terroir of each carefully selected, lovingly-farmed, single, jewel-box vineyard. Bill had a vision of six Grand Cru vineyards producing six separate BOND wines. In 1997, 60 potential vineyards were narrowed down to 27. By 1999, only two vineyards were deemed worthy of being ‘Grand Cru’ Napa status: Vecina and Melbury. In 2001, after four years of making dozens of separate wines from various vineyards, only one more vineyard was deemed worthy of joining the lineup: St. Eden, which received a perfect 100 point score from Robert Parker upon its initial release in 2001, which was followed by a perfect score for Melbury in 2002, both of which we are offering today. We also have just two bottles from Bond’s sister Estate and one of the most famous wineries in the world, Harlan.

WineYearWAUnitQtyPrice% Dis
Bond Melbury Napa Valley 200198+1×752£28011%
Bond Melbury Napa Valley 20021001×751£2807%
Bond St. Eden Napa Valley 20011001×752£2908%
Bond Vecina Napa Valley 200298+1×751£2157%


WineYearWAUnitQtyPrice% Dis
Harlan Estate200398+1×752£42014%


Dalla Valle Maya
Dalla Valle vineyard was created in 1982, by Gustav and Naoko Dalla Valle, a family who can boast a long history of winemaking in their native country, Italy. The wine made its debut in 1986, the year the winery was built. During its early years Heidi Barret was their winemaker, who later became the winemaker at Screaming Eagle. In 1988 they produced their first vintage of Maya, named after Gustav and Naoko’s daughter. In 1991 it was awarded 99 points, bettered in 1992 which received a perfect 100 point score. Since then it has been one of the highest scoring wines anywhere in the world, again awarded 100 points in 2002, which we are offering today. However, Maya barely musters 300 case production a year, making it extremely rare indeed.

WineYearWAUnitQtyPrice% Dis
Dalla Valle Maya1991991×755£40018%
Dalla Valle Maya1993981×754£25011%
Dalla Valle Maya1994991×756£3508%
Dalla Valle Maya1997991×757£36010%
Dalla Valle Maya2001981×75632016%
Dalla Valle Maya20021001×756£43010%


Kapcsandy Family Winery is an award-winning Estate, which was established by Lou Kapcsandy in 2000. He purchased it from the Beringer family, who had used the vineyard in Yountville in 1972 to first launch and subsequently produce their famous Private Reserve Cabernet. They immediately employed the legendary winemaker Helen Turley and together they produced a stunning run of vintages which lead to a perfect 100 point score for their Kapcsandy Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Vin State Lane Vineyard in 2007. Its blend is 90% Cabernet Sauvignon around 5% of Merlot and then dollops of Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Production is minuscule at around 400 cases a year. The family are self-proclaimed Francophiles and Lou Kapcsandy compares the wines to Pauillac and Pomerol, focusing on the classic Grand Cru old world style, rather than the paragon of the Napa wines. Their aim is to constantly produce wines of ‘First Growth’ quality.

WineYearWAUnitQtyPrice% Dis
Kapcsandy Grand Vin State Lane 20071001×754£34011%
Kapcsandy Grand Vin State Lane 20081001×755£34015%
Kapcsandy Grand Vin State Lane 2009981×752£20013%


Sloan Estate Winery was founded in 1997 by Stuart Sloan, who purchased the Estate after selling QFC, a chain of supermarkets. The vineyard itself is a jewel, based within the site of Auberge du Soleil on the hillside of Rutherford, at almost 1,000 feet above the Rutherford Bench. He quickly employed David Abreu and Mark Aubert, hiring Michel Rolland, completing an all-star team, charged with producing the best wine in Napa. The Estate produced is first vintage in 2000 and by 2002 they had been awarded their first 100 point vintage, which we are offering today. In 2011 the financier Sutong Pan purchased the Estate for a record breaking $40 million dollars. Sloan is hard to source and highly collectable, making only 600 cases a year.

WineYearWAUnitQtyPrice% Dis

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