The five First Growths represent the top five Chateaux of Bordeaux and have collectively produced the most memorable wines in history. Originally classified as the top five wines in Napoleon III’s classification of 1855, their ranking still holds true today. 2016 has been an excellent year for the leading wines of Bordeaux. From January to June 2016, First Growths across the last 25 vintages increased 2.95% in value. However, the referendum on the 23rd of June sparked accelerated growth. From July to October they have increased 16.5%. This means that taken together they have an average compound monthly growth rate of 2.1%, running to October.

While 2016 looks impressive, it is not out of context with historical performance. Haut Brion, Margaux, Latour, Mouton and Lafite Rothschild have seen increases in value of +12% (CAGR) over the last 30 years as the world has started demanding what used to be the preserve of Europe. Since January 2002, the fine wine benchmark index, the Liv-ex 100, whose component parts are made up mainly of leading Bordeaux, has provided a 7.89% CAGR, while the Liv-ex investables, which component parts are made exclusively from leading Bordeaux has returned 7.42% CAGR. These returns have been achieved with annualised volatility of 9.6% and 8.3%.

As such we are delighted to be able to offer some stunning gems from Bordeaux, a wonderful selection of First Growth vintages along with some of the leading Super Seconds. They all are in perfect condition and priced extremely competitively priced.

Mouton Rothschild
To the north of Pauillac one finds the most impressive gravel plateau of the Medoc where Mouton Rothschild occupies the peak in the north of the Commune at 27m (88ft) above sea level. Mouton Rothschild has exotic and powerful aromas with pronounced minerality and red fruit tones. Mouton is often described as extravagant, they perennially make truly great wine.

Mouton Rothschild20106×15097+1£6,000
Mouton Rothschild*200512×75971£4,900
Mouton Rothschild*199812×75961£4,400
Mouton Rothschild200412×75902£4,100
Mouton Rothschild*20086×75941£2,100
Mouton Rothschild*20076×75921£1,975


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Haut Brion
Haut Brion is the only First Growth found outside of the Medoc region, it is located in Graves in central Bordeaux. As the name suggests the top vineyards in this commune boast abundant gravel and before the marshlands of Bordeaux were drained this was the heart of Bordeaux wine. Today with the city of Bordeaux expanding many Chateaux are found near or inside the city with Haut Brion and La Mission Haut Brion found in the city suburbs. These great estates have more sand in the vineyards than the Haut Medoc, accounting for the higher degree of Merlot planted and enhanced harmony and elegance of the wine. In the early 20th century Clarence Dillon, an American banker, acquired Haut Brion. Dillon’s great-grandson Prince Robert of Luxembourg is the current custodian. The Delmas family have headed the wine-making at Haut Brion for the last three generations.

Haut Brion*200112×75942£3,400
Haut Brion20096×751001£3,300
Haut Brion200712×75921£3,150
Haut Brion*20051×751001£500
Haut Brion*199012×75981£6,850


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Lafite Rothschild
Lafite is the largest of the First Growths both in area and production and occupies the northern tip of Pauillac close to the border with St Estephe in the Medoc. Within the Pauillac appellation, Lafite is often considered the most elegant, feminine wine when compared to the masculine Latour and the exotic fruitiness of Mouton Rothschild.

Lafite Rothschild200912×7599+1£7,350
Lafite Rothschild20116×15090 – 936£4,550

Latour has arguably the best terroir in Pauillac, its famous tower is visible as you drive north into Pauillac from the village of St Julien. Latour is surrounded by top Second Growths, with Leoville Las Cases to the south and Pichon Lalande and Pichon Baron to the west; all powerful wines with high percentages of Cabernet Sauvignon. Latour tends to be the biggest of the First Growth wines, with an intense colour, powerful flavours and aromas, firm tannins and intense vitality. Latour is the epitome of Left Bank Bordeaux.



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Chateau Margaux
Chateau Margaux is probably the most beautiful Chateau in the world, certainly the most iconic. The town itself is found upon a gravel island (peaking at 10-15m, 35-50ft) and Margaux and its neighbour Chateau Palmer boast the commune’s best soil. The gravel here is shallow by comparison to Pauillac with limesone directly under the topsoil. The vines slope down the estuary and it is this poor, shallow soil and good drainage that give these great wines the elegant scent that defines them. It is the most fragrant, graceful of the Bordeaux wines, often described as feminine.



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Leading Super Seconds

We are also delighted to offer a range of the finest Second Growths of Bordeaux, all worthy of the title ‘Super Seconds’. These have also shown impressive price appreciation this year and should not be overlooked.

Ducru Beaucaillou*200912×751002£2,400
Ducru Beaucaillou201012×7598+2£1,770
Ducru Beaucaillou20056×150971£1,725
Ducru Beaucaillou*200012×75951£1,775
Ducru Beaucaillou*199512×75941£1,700
Ducru Beaucaillou*20096×751001£1,250
Ducru Beaucaillou*19866×7590+1£645
Leoville Las Cases*200012×7598+3£2,640
Leoville Las Cases*200812×7593+1£1,235
Leoville Las Cases*201112×7593+1£1,170
Leoville Las Cases*200512×7597+1£2,100
Pichon Baron*200812×75951£1,000
Pichon Lalande*200012×75961£2,000
Pichon Lalande*200812×75924£920
Pichon Lalande*200012×75961£1,970
Pichon Lalande*200512×75891£1,060
Cos dEstournel*200312×75971£1,500
Cos dEstournel*200612×75942£1,000
Cos dEstournel*20056×75971£750
Montrose20146×7595 – 975£500
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