Today we are delighted to be able to announce that we are now distributing Coravin as an official business partner in the UK. To this end we can offer their most advanced system, the Coravin Model 2 System Pack, which comes with a special carry case and needle kit. The Model 2 Pack has recently been launched as an upgrade to the original Coravin Model Eight. It has been developed as the best-in-class product to improve the technology and user experience. The new innovation includes several telling upgrades and an improved user focused design. It comes with a safer and easier to use clamp, which improves the grip on the surface area of the bottle, it is therefore easier to attach and more secure. In addition, they have redesigned the needle, allowing the wine to pour 20% faster and locks the device in place to prevent leaks.

The Special Model Two Plus pack comes with an elegant Coravin carry case, which allows you to safely transport the Coravin unit, along with space for two needles and two argon capsules. Most importantly, the most notable upgrade is that the Special Model Two Plus pack comes with a faster pour needle, an extra regular pour needle and a vintage needle. The latter is designed for older vintage bottles, which further protects their older more delicate corks, protecting the vintage wine. We can offer this special pack for £279 including VAT, ensuring the best market price. Please click here to watch a video detailing the most advanced Coravin on the market.

About Coravin

Since its market release in 2013, Coravin has revolutionised fine wine drinking. After several years on the market we have heard nothing but positive feedback from sommeliers, private clients and the leading world critics. In fact, it is one of only two wine accessories that Robert Parker has endorsed. Parker has called it a ‘transformational device’, which in 2013 he reviewed with the designer and CEO Greg Lambrecht. Please find the link to part one and part two of this demonstrations.

Part 1 Demonstration
Part 2 Demonstration

The inventor Greg Lambrecht was a nuclear engineer at MIT who started his career working on nuclear fission programs, followed by designing spinal implants. He was working in medical technology when his wife became pregnant. As a wine collector he found he wanted to be able to access good wine by the glass and spent four years and 23 prototypes applying state of the art medical technology to create a device which would allow him to access bottles by the glass, while keeping the bottle in perfect condition. Since the first working prototypes, Lambrecht spent years using the device on vintage bottles and during its launch in 2013 visited Robert Parker and Jancis Robinson, along with the world’s leading sommeliers. After using the Coravin once again on these bottles, Parker unequivocally stated that glasses poured from Coravin were ‘Just as fresh as pulling a new cork’ and that it is akin to opening a new bottle’. Jancis Robinson follows suit saying “Nothing I know of preserves wine in an opened or accessed’ bottle for years as this system does.” At last something they can agree upon.

The technology is brilliant in its simplicity. Coravin works by inserting a long, extremely thin, hollow needle through foil and cork, allowing you to pour as much or as little wine as you would like. The remaining space in the bottle is then filled with inert argon gas from a cylinder. When you extract the needle the cork reseals itself leaving only a small prick in the foil, effectively reclosing the bottle. The remaining wine will continue to age naturally, allowing you to revisit it in a week, a month, a year or even decades on.

This means you can drink a glass of wine from any bottle in your cellar, allowing you to enjoy one glass, or to try several different wines during a tasting or dinner party. It allows one to conduct vertical or horizontal tastings, or to enjoy a wine through its evolution. It especially helps collectors with limited space to maximise their storage capacity and enjoy any wine from their cellar with complete flexibility. Coravin is a game changer and is now used in restaurants and by collectors all over the world.

The Coravin Model 2 System Pack is the most advanced incarnation of the Coravin technology and it is a must buy for any fine wine collector. As such, IG Wines fully endorse the Coravin system and are delighted to be able to provide the Coravin itself along with the capsules and needles, which you can re-order from us at any time. As a business partner we will match their return and warranty policy and product care terms.


“Coravin is the most transformational and exciting new product for wine lovers that has been developed/invented in the last 30+ years, this is a killer device.” – Robert Parker

“Coravin is going to revolutionise drinking wine…being able to access multiple wines in your cellar and have the choice of as many as you want.” – Robert Parker

“Nothing I know of preserves wine in an opened or ‘accessed’ bottle for years as this system does.” – Jancis Robinson MW


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