As our collective period of social distancing continues on, the ability to try new wines as well as to experiment with adventurous new wine pairings at home has been a source of great enjoyment for the team at IG Wines. Today we would like to highlight a collection of single bottles and individual large formats, which will serve as the ultimate introduction to some of the finest wines in the world including champagne from Salon and Louis Roederer’s Cristal, exquisite Chardonnay from Burgundy’s Leflaive and Coche Dury, an exceptional array of reds from California, the Rhone Valley, Tuscany and beyond. To perfectly complete any evening, we can also offer the finest sweet and fortified wines in the world, Chateau d’Yquem and Quinta do Noval’s Nacional. Everything on our offer today is available at a discount of up to 35% below the UK market price and all are available for delivery this Spring, if not immediately. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team to help design the ultimate mixed case for your needs.

RegionDescriptionVintageFormat  MKT Price  Sale Price DiscountWA ETA
TuscanyAntinori Chianti Classico Ris Marchese20151×150£        70.00 £         58.0017.14%92+In Stock
USAAraujo Eisele Cabernet Sauvignon20161×150£     820.00 £       750.008.54%100In Stock
RhoneBeaucastel CNDP Hommage Jacques Perrin20161×150£     700.00 £       660.005.71%99+In Stock
RhoneBeaucastel CNDP Hommage Jacques Perrin20161×300£  1,400.00 £   1,325.005.36%99+In Stock
USACardinale Proprietary Red20131×300£     880.00 £       790.0010.23%96In Stock
TuscanyCastello Di Ama Apparita20131×150£     300.00 £       250.0016.67%91In Stock
ArgentinaCatena Zapata Adrianna River Stones Malbec20161×150£     285.00 £       215.0024.56%100April
ArgentinaCatena Zapata Adrianna River Stones Malbec20161×300£     380.00 £       340.0010.53%100April
ArgentinaCatena Zapata Adrianna River Stones Malbec20161×600£     760.00 £       685.009.87%100April
BurgundyCoche Dury Meursault Les Rougeots20171×75£     780.00 £       750.003.85%93+May
TuscanyConti Costanti Brunello Montalcino20151×300£     240.00 £       215.0010.42%In Stock
BurgundyDomaine Leflaive Batard Montrachet20151×150£     900.00 £       850.005.56%96In Stock
USAJoseph Phelps Insignia20161×150£     326.00 £       300.007.98%99In Stock
USAKistler Pinot Noir Cuvee Catherine20101×75£     170.00 £       160.005.88%94In Stock
USAKongsgaard Cabernet Sauvignon20141×75£     140.00 £       130.007.14%92In Stock
ChampagneLouis Roederer Cristal20091×150£     330.00 £       315.004.55%95+In Stock
BordeauxMargaux19961×150£  1,500.00 £   1,400.006.67%100In Stock
ChileMondavi & Chadwick Sena20151×300£     345.00 £       310.0010.14%96In Stock
USAPeter Michael Mon Plaisir Chardonnay20141×150£     180.00 £       170.005.56%95In Stock
USAPeter Michael Pinot Noir Clos du Ciel20141×150£     310.00 £       300.003.23%94In Stock
USAPeter Michael Sauvignon Blanc L`Apres-Midi20091×75£     285.36 £       180.0036.92%92In Stock
FortifiedQuinta do Noval Nacional20161×75£     700.00 £       600.0014.29%97In Stock
FortifiedQuinta do Noval Nacional20171×75£     785.00 £       700.0010.83%100In Stock
USARealm Napa Bard20141×150£     250.00 £       225.0010.00%95In Stock
ChampagneSalon Le Mesnil Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc19901×75£     950.00 £       900.005.26%98 (JS)In Stock
TuscanySan Guido Guidalberto20171×300£     105.00 £         95.009.52%92+In Stock
USASine Qua Non Trouver Arene Syrah20151×75£     250.00 £       200.0020.00%100In Stock
TuscanyTalenti Brunello di Montalcino20151×150£        70.00 £         60.0014.29%96 (JS)May
TuscanyTignanello20161×150£     170.00 £       162.004.71%97In Stock
USAVerite Desir20121×150£     500.00 £       450.0010.00%100In Stock
USAVerite Muse20121×150£     450.00 £       405.0010.00%97In Stock
SauternesYquem20151×75£     250.00 £       235.006.00%100In

To buy these wines please email or telephone +44 (0)20 3957 5582. Offer subject to availability.