They say variety is the spice of life, and given that our days have begun to take on a sense of repetition recently, we have found a transportive pleasure in opening up a mixed case of wines which allows us to sample some of the finest bottles of wines from all over the world. We are very pleased to be able to offer an exciting collection today, which can all be purchased as individual bottles, and which are available for immediate delivery to your home. Why not venture as far as Australia to try the old world, elegant style of shiraz found with Penfolds’s St. Henri or to sunny California to delight in world-class Chardonnay and Cabernet from the legendary Kistler and Konsgaard, respectively. Closer to home you might be able to recall the rolling hills of Tuscany through a bottle of Mazzei’s Siepi or perhaps Rampolla’s Alceo and Sammarco, and of course no case would be complete without the classics which is why we also have a stunning selection of “Super” 2nd growth Bordeaux and 1er and Grand Cru Burgundy available to add to the mix. Each of these superb bottles has been priced at a significant discount to market price and we can also offer an additional 3% discount for a mixed case of 12 bottles or more. Please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the team for further advice on putting together the perfect discovery case for you.

RegionWineVintageIB/DPMKT Price Sale Price DiscountWA
SpainLopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Reserva2007IB£23.73 £22.23 8.00%96
ChampagneTaittinger Brut Vintage Gift Boxed2012IB£34.73 £34.23 2.00%92
BurgundyBerthaut Gerbet Vosne Romanee2017IB£39.73 £35.23 14.00%89-91
PiedmontPrunotto Barolo Bussia2013IB£63.06 £42.23 52.00%92
TuscanyRampolla Sammarco2013IB£48.90 £50.23 3.00%98 (JS)
AustraliaPenfolds St Henri Shiraz2015IB£56.23 £52.23 8.00%93
BurgundyPierre Damoy Chapelle Chambertin GC2013DP£112.23 £97.23 14.00%92-94 (VN)
TuscanyMazzei Siepi2015IB£62.23 £52.23 20.00%96-97 (JS)
AustraliaPenfolds Grandfather Fine Old Tawny PortNVIB£58.90 £54.23 9.00%
BurgundyOlivier Bernstein Mazis Chambertin GC2011DP£112.23 £107.23 5.00%95 (VN)
TuscanyRampolla Alceo2012IB£77.23 £72.23 7.00%94 (VN)
BordeauxDucru Beaucaillou2014IB£92.23 £77.23 20.00%99 (JS)
RhoneChapoutier Ermitage Meal Blanc2000IB£91.33 £90.23 1.00%98
USAKongsgaard Cabernet Sauvignon2014IB£142.23 £132.23 8.00%96 (VN)
BordeauxMission Haut Brion2012IB£156.40 £147.23 6.00%96
BurgundyJean Grivot Nuits St Georges 1er Boudots2013IB£158.90 £150.23 6.00%91-93
USAKistler Pinot Noir Cuvee Catherine2010IB£172.23 £162.23 6.00%94
BordeauxMontrose1982IB£206.40 £177.23 17.00%91 (VN)
USAKistler Sonoma Valley Chardonnay2013DP£92.23 £62.23 33.00%95+ (VN)
BurgundyFaiveley Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru1999IB£202.23 £177.23 14.00%93 (BH)
USAPeter Michael Sauvignon Blanc Apres-Midi2009IB£287.59 £177.23 63.00%92
USASine Qua Non Trouver Arene Syrah2015IB£252.23 £197.23 28.00%100
USAJoseph Phelps Insignia1994IB£217.23 £212.23 2.00%98
USAJoseph Phelps Insignia1995IB£222.23 £217.23 2.00%98
Bordeaux RedChateau La Confession2005DP£227.23 £220.23 3.00%95
Bordeaux RedChateau La Confession2008DP£157.23 £152.23 3.00%93
Bordeaux RedFigeac1982DP£212.23 £207.23 2.00%90
Burgundy RedMommessin Clos Tart Repack2002DP£502.23 £482.23 4.00%97
SauternesYquem2015IB£252.23 £232.23 9.00%100
USASchrader RBS Beckstoffer To Kalon2014IB£252.23 £242.23 4.00%96
USASchrader Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer2013IB£292.23 £282.23 4.00%100
USASloan Proprietary Red2004IB£302.23 £292.23 3.00%98
USADalla Valle Maya1993IB£352.23 £302.23 17.00%98
USAHundred Acre Deep Time2007IB£352.23 £347.23 1.00%97
USAHundred Acre Kayli Morgan2004IB£352.23 £347.23 1.00%98+
USAHundred Acre Wraith2013IB£368.90 £352.23 5.00%100
PiedmontGaja Barolo Dagromis2010IB£362.23 £357.23 1.00%
USADalla Valle Maya2001IB£362.23 £357.23 1.00%98
USAHundred Acre Precious2007IB£402.23 £387.23 4.00%98+
USADalla Valle Maya1994IB£472.23 £427.23 11.00%99
USADalla Valle Maya1997IB£452.23 £427.23 6.00%99
USASloan Proprietary Red2002IB£452.23 £442.23 2.00%100
USADalla Valle Maya1991IB£502.23 £452.23 11.00%99
USAScarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon2013IB£667.23 £647.23 3.00%100


*All prices are DP ex-VAT.


To buy these wines please reply to this email or telephone +44 (0)20 3957 5582. Offer subject to availability