This morning we are excited to release Screaming Eagle 2015, a potential perfect scoring Screaming Eagle, akin to the legendary 2007, at the lowest listed price in the European market. The 2015 vintage appears to be the last of four banner years in Napa, broadly expected to surpass the 2014s and among the finest Estates, equalling the best of the 2012 and 2013 vintages. This is certainly the case for Screaming Eagle 2015, which has been awarded 98-100 points from Lisa Perrotti-Brown of the Wine Advocate. As such, its score from the Wine Advocate surpasses the 2014 and the 2013, the latter trading at £6,000 per case of three. The 2015 is in line with the 100-point scoring 2012 which trades today at £7,200, the 2010 at £8,000 and the 2007 at £9,000. Based on these trading values, we can assume a short-term uptick in price of 15% to move it in line with the lower scoring 2013. Thereon an upward move of 35% toward the trading price of the 2012.

Screaming Eagle is extremely investable on release, rising in price quickly. It is one of the most acclaimed and sought after iconic wines in the world. Yet with only 800 cases made a year, there is not enough for the domestic U.S. market, let alone Europe and new markets, the lack of availability in the market is astonishing. Since our release of the 2014 vintage a year ago, the last ten vintages of Screaming Eagle have increased in average 15%. The 97 point scoring 2014, which we released for £4,700 has increased 19% to £5,600. In fact, the last ten vintages have risen on average 22% since February last year. This stellar performance can be seen over an extended term. The last 10 vintages of Screaming Eagle have returned 35% over the last 24 months, and 85% since February 2014 when we released Screaming Eagle for the first time with the 2011 vintage when we posited that ‘Despite the high price tag it continues to rise in value and due to its rarity and incredible cachet it is becoming favoured by the wealthy circles of China. This early curve interest from China is likely to push prices higher; one dreads to think what price Screaming Eagle will be in five years’. Indeed, today we are experiencing growing demand from European collectors, and an ever-growing demand from Asia, which alone will provide the wind to help Screaming Eagle soar to even greater heights.

Screaming Eagle  WAPrice
2015  98-100£5,200
2014  97£5,600
2013  97+£6,000
2012  100£7,200
2011  91-94£5,700
2010  100£8,000
2009  96£6,500
2008  95£7,500
2007  100£9,000
2006  98£7,000
2005  98£8,000
2004  97+£7,800

Screaming Eagle is located on the stony valley floor of the Napa Valley in Oakville between the Vaca and Mayacamas mountains. Oakville AVA is considered as one of the premier wine appellations in the world and known for producing superb Bordeaux varietals. The Estate was originally purchased by owner and founder Jean Phillips in 1986 who appointed Heidi Barrett (wife of Bo Barrett from Montelena) as her winemaker. She bottled her first vintage in 1992, subsequently releasing it in 1995 when it was awarded 99 points by Robert Parker: overnight it became the most celebrated wine in California. Phillips replanted the 18 hectare vineyard with Cabernet Sauvignon (which generally dominates the assemblage), Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot making the wine a true Bordeaux blend.

Screaming Eagle 2015, 98-100 Points Lisa Perrotti-Brown
Blended of 76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot and 4% Cabernet Franc, the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon reveals a medium to deep garnet-purple color and nose of crushed blackberries, black cherries and wild blueberries with notions of fragrant earth, garrigue, lavender, Sichuan pepper and dried leaves. Medium-bodied with signature elegance and finesse, it’s the incredibly fine, oh-so-pixelated tannins that help to define the signature of this vineyard, beautifully supporting the elegant fruit, finishing with great poise. This is a very sensuous, pensive style and not for those seeking a full-on blockbuster but rather will greatly pleasure lovers of wines with quiet intensity and subtle depth. Note that this was a tank sample, due to be bottled within a week. 

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