We are delighted to be able to offer the new release of Pol Roger’s prestige cuvee, Winston Churchill 2004 at the first tranche price of £600 per case of six bottles. The 2002 vintage also released at £600, rising to £675 for the second tranche within a week due to popular demand. As such there are short term gains to be made here by sourcing a first tranche allocation.

Pol Roger produce less than 25,000 cases across all of their vintage wines, including: Pol Roger vintage, Chardonnay vintage, Rosé vintage and Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill. While there is no official published production level for Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill, it is rumoured at less than 4,000 cases for the entire globe. As one of the greatest wines on the planet, demand greatly outstrips supply and prices rise quickly, particularly in truly great vintages. As demonstrated by the table, Pol Roger Winston Churchill displays excellent vintage premium, making it rewarding to buy on release, either for investment or cellaring for future consumption:

VintageJuhlinPrice (6s)POP Score

Pol Roger Winston Churchill 2004 has not yet been tasted by any leading critic, however, heralding from the superb 2004 vintage, expectations are very high. The vintage was a delight for Champagne growers, experiencing a cool early summer and a warm late summer, which helped the grapes retain the necessary acidity, combined with concentrated fruit juice. Comparisons were quickly drawn with the mighty 2002 vintage. Juhlin has already scored Dom Perignon 2004 96 points, one higher than the 2002 and Cristal 2002 and 2004 97 points. Winston Churchill 2002 was awarded 97 points from Juhlin and as such the 2004 is destined for critical acclaim.

What makes Pol Roger Winston Churchill truly special?
Pol Roger 1928 is the only champagne ever to receive 100 points from the world’s leading champagne critic Richard Juhlin. Juhlin writes, ‘I didn’t think that a wine could affect me so deeply as this wine did that evening. I am in love!’  – To put this in perspective Juhlin also tasted Cheval Blanc 1947, Romanee Conti 1961,  Krug 1938 and 1979 Krug Clos du Mesnil on the same night and Juhlin says unequivocally that Pol Roger ‘1928 swept the floor’.  Sir Winston Churchill has now replaced the standard Pol Roger vintage as the house’s most prestigious wine.

Pol Roger started producing champagne in 1849, based in the town of Epernay it continues to this day to be run by his descendants. Pol Roger has strong ties to the UK market; it was the favourite Champagne of Winston Churchill and currently holds the Royal Warrant as purveyors of Champagne to Queen Elizabeth II. The relationship between Pol Roger and Sir Winston Churchill dates back to a luncheon given by the British Ambassador to France, following the liberation of Paris, where the legendary 1928 Pol Roger was served. In attendance was Odette Pol-Roger and the Prime Minister, who became lifelong friends; the Pol Roger and Churchill families are still strongly linked to this day. He even named one of his racehorses ‘Pol-Roger’ which won at Kempton Park in 1953, the Coronation Year.

In 1965, after Churchill’s death, Odette Pol Roger inserted a black border around all labels of Brut NV shipped to the UK. In 1984 they released the first vintage of Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, the 1975 vintage, which was only released in Magnum. It is composed only from grapes sourced from Grand Cru vineyards, which were under vine in Churchill’s lifetime. The exact blend is a closely guarded secret, although Pinot Noir predominates, providing structure and breadth, while Chardonnay contributes elegance. It is only made in the best vintages and is released later than the other cuvee Champagnes to mark Churchill’s appreciation for older Champagne; his favourite vintages were 1928, 1934, and 1947.

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