We continue to be blown away by the incredible potential of the Barolo 16 vintage. Today marks the release of one of the pre-eminent names in the hallowed Piedmont region, Paolo Scavino. Enrico and his two daughters Enrica and Elisa run the family estate, pushing it to its greatest heights. As The Wine Advocate has underlined, “The Scavino family (Enrico and his daughters Enrica and Elisa) carry forth an important family legacy with a wide range of cru-specific wines that brilliantly exhibit individual styles.” The Estate produces four truly mind altering wines, such that they are: among the finest money can buy; produced in minuscule quantities. They are unscored today and it is advisable to secure them now, before they are and the frenzy begins.

Located in Castiglione Falletto within the Fiasco cru, their Barolo del Fiasc was Scavino’s very first single vineyard Barolo in 1978, and it continues to be the most sought after cuvée today thanks to its equisite balance of power and finesse. It is available today for the price of £360 per case of 6, nearly half the price of the comparable 2010 vintage. Produced for the first time in 2002, their Bricco Ambrogio sits at 275 metres above sea level and is considered the best vineyard site in the village of Roddi. This near monopole for the Scavino family is beloved for its perfume and charm, which we are pleased to offer today at the price of £225 per case of six IB. The idea for the Barolo Carobric was born in 1996 with the aim of balancing the distinctive characteristics of three of Scavino’s finest terroirs which also form the trademarked name. The Cannubi (20%) contributes richness and intesity, the Rocche di Castiglione (60%) offers delicate and mineral nuances, and finally the Bric del Fiasc (20%) lends its signature blend of concentration and elegance. It is available today at the price of £270 per case of six and as the family have lost their access to Cannubi, it is likely to be the last vintage produced of this historic wine. Finally rounding out their single vineyards today is the Barolo Monvigliero also available at the price of £270 per case of six. First produced in 2007, Monvigliero is considered a Grand Cru level vineyard in the village of Verduno thanks to its unique micoclimate which allows for wines of supreme elegance and structure. As illustrated in the table below, all four of the cuvee vineyard sites are available at release prices which offer a significant discount on their 2010 vintage counterparts. Indeed, it is hard to choose between them or separate them and as such today we offer a special price of £1095 for a case each of all four Barolo Crus. As can be seen in the table below with the sensational 2010 vintage, we strongly believe that the prices of these exceptional wines have only one way to go and that is definitely up! The 2016s are yet to be scored and on first tranche release are a brilliant allocation. There pending scores and vintage premium make these a must, unmissable and majestic.

Paolo Scavino Barolo Bric Fiasc2016Not Yet ScoredNot Yet Scored£360
Paolo Scavino Barolo Bric Fiasc20109695£620
Paolo Scavino Barolo Bricco Ambrogio2016Not Yet ScoredNot Yet Scored£225
Paolo Scavino Barolo Bricco Ambrogio20109493£330
Paolo Scavino Barolo Carobric2016Not Yet ScoredNot Yet Scored£270
Paolo Scavino Barolo Carobric20109196£360
Paolo Scavino Barolo Monvigliero2016Not Yet ScoredNot Yet Scored£270
Paolo Scavino Barolo Monvigliero201093+95+£330

Founded in 1921 in Castiglione Falletto from Lorenzo Scavino and his son Paolo, today the Scavino estate is run by the fourth generation Enrico Scavino and his two daughters Elisa and Enrica. Throughout his significant time working the Langhe area, Enrico has always pushed himself towards greater levels of innovation and excellence. He was among the first to vinify his wines by parcel for greater purity and expression of terroir and has even gone as far to design and build his own fermentation vessel. Castiglione Falletto is considered the heart of the Barolo area and is known for representing the ideal balance of many expressions possible in the highly revered Barolo wines.

Their meticulous attention to detail begins with their scrupulous vineyard management and limited yields to ensure healthy and well-ripened grapes. The vinification process for all of the Barolo Crus has a singular aim to allow for the individual nuance of each vineyard site to shine through with each cru and sub-cru vinified seperately in stainless steel. They are then aged for 10 months in neutral French oak barrels followed by another 10 months of ageing in large casks and finally an additional 10 months of bottle age before their release.

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