Tignanello has become one of the best performing investment wines on the market. This performance can be measured in short-term gains, seeing superb returns in its first two years in bottle. This growth is a product of the sustained global demand and its sensible pricing strategy. The market views Tignanello as one of the best priced great wines on the market. As a result, and despite its 30,000-case production, Tignanello sells out globally within days.

The 2016 vintage in Tuscany follows on from the 2015 in terms of exceptional quality. Akin to Bordeaux, the 2016 vintage could well surpass the 2015, a true great! It is often too facile to compare vintages, yet 2016 is being likened early on in profile to extremely balanced years such as the great 2006, 2008 and 2010 – the modern greats. Sassicaia 2016 has been awarded its first 100-point score since 1985 by Monica Larner of The Wine Advocate, who also scores Masseto 98-100 points. Tignanello 2016 has potentially been awarded its highest ever score with 95-97. Comparing 2015 to 2016, Larner says ‘If 2015 is an ideal vintage for Tuscan blended reds made with the great Bordeaux varieties, the 2016 vintage is better suited to Italian grapes such as Sangiovese.’

As such, we are excited to be able to offer Tignanello 2016 today priced at £370 per case of six. Given the demand for Tignanello we will sell out within a few hours. We expect the secondary market to rise above £420 this month and then march forward. Tignanello 2016 will see incredible, sustained demand for a decade plus, it is a must buy. The 96 scoring 2015 already trades at £415 a case of six, the 94 scoring 2010 at £450, the 94 scoring 2008 and 95 scoring 2007 at £470 and £520 respectively and the 92 scoring 2006 and 2005 at £495 and £540 respectively.

Tignanello’s malolactic fermentation is carried out in French oak and then transferred to French barrique for 14 months, followed by a year in bottle. In fact, Tignanello was the first Sangiovese based wine to be aged in small French oak barrels. Tignanello offers an expression of Sangiovese quite unlike any other wine. It is a blend of 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc.

Tignanello is grown in the Chianti Classico designated area (between Greve and the Pesa river valleys), further inland than the coastal Bolgheri, where the grapes get the right amount of sunshine to ripen fully. The vineyards are sited at extremely high altitude; 1150–1312 feet above sea level, in the Santa Cristina Estate, known also as Tenuta Tignanello. This means the vineyards are found at the highest altitude in the region of Chianti Classico, thus benefiting from a cooler temperature which helps the wine to retain a wonderful freshness and balanced acidity.

Given the demand of Tignanello, we have decided to release another exceptional wine from the Antonoiri stable alongside it; Badia a Passignano Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2015. As a Gran Selezione, all grapes must be grown on the Estate and come from the finest Single Vineyards or plots, and aged for a minimum of 30 months. In 2015, it has achieved its highest ever score from The Wine Advocate with 94 points, which puts it on par with many of the legendary wines of Italy and is just below the average score of Tignanello over the last 10 vintages (94.5 points). Badia a Passignano is produced exclusively from the Estate of the same name. The Estate’s vineyards are sited around the Abbey of Passignano (Badia a Passignano) which dates back to 395 AD, established by the Archbishop of Florence. Despite the tenure of Antinori, the monks of the Abbey remain guardians of the cultural and historical treasures. This stands to reason as Vallombrosian Order, a reformed branch of the Benedictines, which specialised in grape growing and forestry. Since the middle ages the Vallombrosian monks and resultantly the Badia a Passignano have specialised in scientific research behind cultivation, especially grapevines, the great Galileo taught there in 1587. One can understand why in 1987 the Antinori family purchased the acreage around the Badia, which still belongs to the Vallombrosian monks. Until today they use the incredible cellars in the monastery for the production of the wine.

What makes Badia a Passignano 2015 stand out further as a superb proposition is the incredible price, we are releasing it today for £150 per case of six in bond. That is an incredible score for a wine that costs £25 per bottle. This price and score gives it a Price over Points ratio (POP) of 18.75. We consider any wine below the POP score of 20 as a must buy.

Please note availability is limited and priority will be given to those with a standing Tignanello allocation. Moreover, we have a special offer of £500 for a case of each!