Today there has been several releases that we do not believe offer sufficient value, including Pichon Baron and Smith Haut Lafitte at £1,176 and £824 per case of 12 respectively. However, a gem has released in Pavie Macquin 2017 at £632 per case of 12 or £316 per case of six. In 2017 Pavie Macquin is a wine to own. It has received its potentially highest ever score with 95-97 points from the Wine Advocate, Lisa Perrotti-Brown calling it ‘Just beautiful’. This score bests the 2016 which received 94-96 from the Wine Advocate. In fact, the 2017 has been released at a 12% sterling decrease to the 2016, showing immediate value. Moreover, the 95+ scoring 2010 trades at a 27% premium, while the 95+ scoring 2005 trades at a £1,100.

Its price versus score makes this very appealing, better yet, the frost resulted in Pavie Macquin only making wine from their two premium plots in 2017. These are the Ausone Hill, where the vines line against Ausone and the Pavie hill, those neighbouring Pavie. It is the first time the Estate has done this since 1961, incidentally a vintage where they lost 30% to frost, yet a Bordeaux legendary vintage. Using vines only from the Ausone and Pavie hills, adjoining two of the Grand Cru Classe A sites, speaks volumes about the potential of Pavie Macquin 2017. It has also resulted in a unique blend, with 45% made up of Cabernet Franc, which drives elegance and complexity.

Pavie Macquin WAJSReleasePricePOP
2017 95-9794-95£632£63240
2016 94-9697-98£720 £720 48
2015 9498£565 £630 45
2014 9196£400 £520 47
2013 9093£300 £340 34
2012 93+94£395 £450 35
2011 92+94£420 £470 39
2010 95+95£915 £800 53
2009 92+96£640 £750 63
2008 94+92£325 £600 43
2007 90n/a£310 £470 47
2006 93n/a£330 £500 38
2005 96+n/a£480 £1,100 69

Pavie Macquin is a Premier Grand Cru Classe B Chateau from St. Emilion. It is one of the three Pavie Estates, Pavie, Pavie Macquin and Pavie-Decesse. The Estate takes its name from Albert Macquin, who is famous for pioneering grafting vines onto rootstock, saving not only the Chateau in St. Emilion, but Bordeaux wine in general. Today the Estate is owned by Benoit and Bruno Corre and Marie-Jacques Charpentier, who have returned the Estate to its former glory and since 1998, a vintage awarded 97 points by Robert Parker, the Estate has seen a renaissance. During this period of improvement, they have boasted Stephen Derenoncourt and Nicolas Thienpont in the winemaker team. There is little doubt of the Estate’s potential, with Pavie directly south and it is surrounded by some of St. Emilion’s finest Estates, it is an Estate on the rise, taking full advantage of its superb terroir. It remains, for now, very well priced, at £53 per bottle, which for a leading St.Emilion that has scored 95-97 from barrel is a superb prospect indeed.

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