This afternoon Lynch Bages has released at £875 per case of 12, or £437.50 per case of six. This marks a 22% sterling reduction on 2016, one of the largest we have seen of the campaign. It also provides a 13% discount to the average trading price of all vintages since 2005, which stands at £1,005. These metrics stack up well for the 2017, with Lynch Bages a perennial performer from barrel to bottle: since 2015 it has averaged a 43% return, with 123% from 2005 to 2009 and 17% over the last five years.

In 2017 Lynch Bages shines, its prestigious terroir sidestepping frost and producing a wine that surpasses the 2014, rather in line with the 2015. It has received 95-96 points from James Suckling who calls it a ‘A beautiful young wine.’ It has been awarded 92-95 from Antonio Galloni, a broad straddle, who says ‘The 2017 Lynch-Bages is a wine of impeccable balance and class.’ Neal Martin who seems to continually underestimate Lynch Bages from barrel every time, has awarded it 91-93 points, who hides behind technical notes circa 2014. Oddly, the Wine Advocate has not yet posted its review, which we await. However, Suckling considers the 2017 as potentially better than the 2015 which trades at £1,000 a case. Antonio Galloni scored the 2015 91-94 from barrel and the 2016 equal to the 2017. Considering the vintage, the market and the global cachet of Lynch Bages, the 2017 release is a step in the right direction and an attractive release.

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Lynch Bages rises perennially from barrel to bottle, due to its global acclaim, it has a strong traditional market in old Europe and the US. It was one of the earliest Bordeaux wines exported to Hong Kong; since 1989 it has been served in the First Class cabin of Cathay Pacific Airlines, the international flag carrier of Hong Kong. Jean-Michel Cazes was one of the first proprietors to promote Bordeaux wines in Asia, travelling there for 20 years and cementing Lynch Bages’ brand globally.

Lynch Bages is situated in the small sub-village of Bages, a wonderfully picturesque setting which contains their hotel and museum, as well as a delightful square; this is certainly one to visit. High on the west hill of the Pauillac region, the 90 hectares of vines are planted on deep gravel beds covered with limestone. Lynch Bages, originally classified as a Fifth Growth, is arguably the most dominant member of the Super Seconds. It is known for combining powerful rich tannins with tobacco and cedar; it takes years in the bottle to exhibit its true splendour, with top vintages capable of ageing for 30-50 years.
In addition to the superb Grand Vin Lynch Bages, we are also pleased to offer their extremely popular second wine Echo Lynch Bages. It has been released for £300 per case of 12, or £150 per case of six. It was previously name Averous, so named due the fact that Lynch Bages was called Chateau Haut-Bages Averous until it was bought by Andre Cazes, and thereon the name of the second wine until 2008 when it changed to Echo de Lynch Bages. It is so named after the nymph from Greek mythology who was deprived of speech by Hera as punishment for distracting her when Zeus coveted to get down and amorous with mortals. The connection is one where Echo Lynch Bages does not speak first, rather sharing the Grand Vins elegance and beauty – I am not sure I fully understand the connection, but it sounds poetic.

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