We are very pleased to release the much awaited Krug Vintage 2006, from the world’s greatest Champagne house. In 2006 Krug have created a masterpiece, a wine that has been awarded 97 points from William Kelley of The Wine Advocate, who proclaims ‘while this is a powerful vintage Krug, it’s also beautifully balanced and will give immense pleasure for decades.’ There is uber global demand for the world’s leading champagnes and Krug is broadly considered the acme in terms of quality. Indeed, Krug is a highly allocated gem in any portfolio. Global demand is perennially increasing, and the limited supply has created a material shortage in the market. It is a wine that sells out instantly and we are delighted to be able to offer it this morning on a first come first served basis.

The virtue of the 2006 vintage has been conveyed with acclamation. The weather was warm throughout the summer in 2006, creating beautifully concentrated grapes. A cold and somewhat rainy August helped the grapes retain freshness and a backbone of acidity, while a dry and warm September provided near perfect conditions for harvest. It comes as no surprise therefore that Krug is, as always, a brilliant wine. We are delighted to release it today for £1,100. The price is very much in line with the 2002, 2003 and 2004 and at a discount to the 2002, which with 97+ points trades at £1,400 and the 98 point scoring 1996 which trades at £1,950.

The philosophy behind Vintage Krug is to produce a wine only in exceptional vintages for the house. It therefore stays true to the tradition of vintage champagne. While Krug non-vintage is considered by many on par with the leading prestige cuvees in the market, Krug Vintage pushes the envelope of quality for all champagne. Vintage Krug accounts for less than 10% of their overall production meaning supply is immediately under pressure. Vintage Krug is broadly considered one of the greatest Champagnes in the world and prices of mature vintages rise quickly after a decade, with the 1990 already trading at over £3,000 per six bottle case.

Krug was established in 1843 by Joseph Krug and today Olivier Krug still supervises the houses’ production, tasting and blending; this represents six generations of stewardship. Krug is the only Champagne house that continues to produce their Champagnes in small oak casks, this is the essential component that defines its legendary intense bouquet and complex flavours. Krug’s superlative single vineyard Champagne is from a small walled vineyard, Le Mesnil; it is the world’s leading Blanc de Blanc Champagne and exorbitantly expensive with an average bottle price of £600. Vintage Krug is a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay and in 2006 the assemblage was 48%, 35% and 17% respectively. Anecdotally Krug became a favourite tipple of the Queen Mother and when she was 97 she smuggled a case of Krug into the hospital where she was treated after falling and breaking her hip.

Krug 2006 is a stunning vintage from one of the icons of the fine wine industry and a wine to own for future consumption, while the prices will increase over the next five years, reflecting Krug’s vintage premium and scarcity.

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