This morning we are very pleased to release the 2008 Chef de Cave ‘Legacy Edition’ of Dom Perignon. Following the Cristal 2008 release earlier this year it is clear that market demand for the 2008 Champagne vintage is insatiable; we are recommending that collectors buy what they can of all the leading cuvees. Today’s Dom Perignon special edition marks yet another much anticipated 2008 release, one of the most awaited since Cristal, it is considered by many as the best Dom Perignon ever created. Before the main launch of the Dom Perignon, set to release early next year, the Maison have issued a pre-release in miniscule quantities in a limited edition bottling to mark the retirement of the longstanding Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy.

Dom Perignon’s 2008 ‘Legacy Edition’ is a fitting swansong to Geoffroy’s career after 28 years at the helm of Dom Perignon’s winemaking. Richard Geoffroy is finally ready to relinquish the reigns to his protégé, Vincent Chaperon with whom he has worked alongside since 2005. Chaperon was the natural choice as the next Chef de Cave for Dom Perignon. A position he will start as of January 2019. This transition is a compelling milestone in the history of Dom Perignon, embodying a living heritage.

Earlier this year, we attended the special Dom Perignon 2008 press launch at the Residence de France, hosted by both Geoffroy and Chaperon. In Geoffroy’s words, 2008 was a ‘miracle year’ and having tasted both Cristal and Dom Perignon we must agree. The critics clearly share the same sentiment with Galloni awarding the Dom Perignon 2008 98+ points and describing it as ‘fabulous’, while both Suckling and Juhlin award it 98 points. This is a wine which rivals the 2002 and even the 1996. It is a future legend. We recommend stocking up next year on the official release, but in the meantime, we highly recommend the coveted Dom Perignon 2008 Legacy Edition, a real collectable.

This limited edition release commands a serious premium on the secondary market because of both its limited quantity and the simple fact that it is one of the best Dom Perignon’s ever created. We have already seen listings and offers as high as £1,250 per case, however, we are happy to offer this special release considerably lower at £950 per 6×75. Please note that we have a very small parcel so this is sold subject to availability.

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