This afternoon we are delighted to be able to offer a rare parcel of Cristal 2007 single OWC magnums. The current market trend for Champagne is exceptional, the top five vintage cuvee Champagnes have experienced on average a 9% appreciation in 2018 so far. The current market dynamic is one of increasing global demand, the 2008 vintage releases raising the price watermark. Cristal is clearly leading the charge in this sector with a 14% return since January 2018. However, the Estate has now sold out of all vintages, including the most recent 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. They will not be releasing Cristal 2010, or 2011, the next vintage will be the 2012, which at the earliest will be released in late 2019. There is a material shortage, which explains the price rise and the obvious supply restraints suggest that this will continue. Moreover, since its release, Cristal 2008 6x75cl cases have risen 50%, now trading at £1,075 per case of six, which the market views as the beginning of its upward trend considering the 2002 trades at £1,500 per case of six. The 2012 could yet surpass the 2008, thus we expect a continuing price rise as vintages move in lock-step with the banner vintages; 1990, 1996, 2002 and 2008.

Indeed, Cristal average 25,000 to 32,000 cases per vintage, making it one of the lowest production uber cuvees. However, the market for magnums is a whole other ball game, with an estimated 5% of production going into magnums. With minuscule quantities available on the market, just a fraction of the regular 6×75 format, the shortage of availability is thus drastically amplified. Magnums are released on average a minimum of one year after standard bottles. The most recent magnum release is the 2009 vintage; however, we have managed to secure a parcel from the Estate of the 2007 magnums.

The 2007 vintage for Cristal is stunning, having been awarded 97+ from Antonio Galloni who says ‘The 2007 is striking today, but it should also age effortlessly for several decades’. This score surpasses the 2002, which with 96 points sees magnums priced at £500. It surpasses the 97 point scoring 1996, which costs £850 per magnum and even the late disgorged Vinotheque 1996 Cristal, which speaks of the incredible quality of the 2007. Priced at £330 per magnum, the 2007 is significantly undervalued compared to similar scoring vintages, even trading at a £20 discount to the 2009. Furthermore, the 2007 vintage has the lowest Price over Point score of 38 and all previous vintages currently trade above this.

Cristal MagsAGWAPrice (1x150cl)POP

Magnums of Cristal experience greater demand for parties and night clubs, along with the on-trade and private collectors. As such, this differential stretches demand further for these rare larger formats. Market availability for magnums is much thinner than cases of six, making them extremely collectible. Each is sold as per the photo above, within its own beautiful wooden casing and today we are pleased to be able to offer a special price of five magnums, for £1,600. Cristal 2007 is drinking beautifully now, and magnums are a perfect format for the festive period. Whether for drinking now, collecting for the future or investment, Cristal 2007 magnums are a strong buy indeed.

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