This afternoon we are delighted to offer our second prestige release from the utterly magnificent 2008 champagne vintage, a vintage that seems to be surpassing 2002 for the greatest this century. The rumours of the 2008 vintage’s majesty and brilliance have been echoing for 10 years. The market has already reached fever pitch, our first release, Cristal 2008 saw enormous demand, driving the price of £730 on release to its price today of £1,100, a 51% increase in a matter of weeks! The 2008s are a vintage for both Champagne lovers and investors to collect across the board and Amour de Deutz is another highly recommended release. Incidentally, Cristal is Deutz’s sister Estate.

Today we are delighted to release one of our favourite Blanc de Blanc Prestige Cuvees, the superb Amour de Deutz. This marks our inaugural offer for this great Champagne, what a vintage to release it in. Amour de Deutz is a towering prestige Champagne, one for those in the know and incredibly hard to source, only 2,500 cases are made a year! As one can expect, in 2008 it has been awarded one of the highest ever scores with a superb 95 points from Stephan Reinhardt, of the Wine Advocate, who says ‘This is full of tension and finesse. A great wine.’

The 2008 is only bested by the 2002 which was awarded 96 points. However, the 2002 already trades at £1,100: we release the 2008 today for £550, providing a 50% discount to its most similar scoring recent vintage. The Amour de Deutz production is even smaller than Salon Mesnil, which has an average of 3,000 cases per vintage. The 2008 has a Price Over Points Score of 73, significantly lower than any other vintage, suggesting there is a lot left on the table for collectors on release. Taken together, the great 2008 vintage, the tiny production and the elite wine making at Amour de Deutz Blanc de Blanc is a tantalising proposition!

Deutz Amour BlancWAPricePOP

Deutz, formerly Deutz & Geldermann has a long history of high quality Champagne making, which dates back to 1838. It was founded and named eponymously by William Deutz and Pierre-Hebert Geldermann, based in Ay. The legacy has been preserved since by successive generation of these families. During its entire history, the Deutz brand has been very popular in the UK, where it exported 600,000 bottles a year at its peak. In addition, it was among the most popular for the heads of state and royal courts of Europe. However, over the last 30 years this demand has been seen from their domestic market. This can be largely explained due to the house’s acquisition by the Rouzaud family, who also own Louis Roederer, which leads the UK market to the misconception that is was owned by Louis Roederer. This misconception led the Rouzaud family to separate distribution completely and to re-establish its brand in the UK, which is happening with real verve currently.

The sale to the Rouzaud family has meant the Estate in recent years has benefitted from great investment and this double threat explains the renaissance in the UK; it is the Savoy’s house Champagne and can be found in most of London’s top restaurants (also venerated at the Ritz). Furthermore, it is a firm favourite of renowned Champagne critic, Richard Juhlin, who says of it ‘The property is among the most beautiful in Champagne, and even the wines are very distinguished… One of my absolute favourite houses.’

Deutz Amour Blanc de Blancs is the stunning summit of their Chardonnay, which hails from the Côte des Blancs’ finest vineyards including Avize (57%), and Mesnil and Oger (38%), with a touch hailing from the Montagne de Reims’ Villers-Marmery (5%). It emobies the Deutz style of finesse, freshness and fine flavours. It is a delicate and finessed prestige wine yet does this while not losing weight and mouthfeel and certainly not complexity. It has a regality which explains it stately demand. The 2008 is remarkable in its balance, tension and tonality, singing a harmonious tune of vinous beauty. The 2008 is a brilliant wine, with plenty of upside for investment focused buyers and a brilliant champagne to drink now, or cellar, it will be remarkable for three decades. It is worth noting in closing that the bottle is one of the most aesthetic of any in the world of wine, seemingly built to display the colour of the champagne itself!

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