We have for you today a specially curated list of some of the most superb mature gems in our portfolio, all with at least 10 years of age and in their peak window of drinking enjoyment. It includes a single case as well as individual OWC magnums of the 100 point Margaux 1996, which the Wine Advocate suggests is “the Left Bank pinnacle of the 1990s,” the double 100 pt “modern Bordeaux legend” Pavie 2009 as well as a single bottles of Super Second Growth Chateau Montrose from one of Bordeaux’s all-time greatest vintages, 1982. Beyond Bordeaux we are thrilled to be able to offer unprecedented discounts of up to 40% on iconic names such as Ponsot, Gaja, Scarecrow, Salon and Cristal; all of which have benefitted from a minimum of a decade of cellaring in pristine conditions. With only a case or two available of each of these treasured names, please do not delay in getting in touch with a member of the team right away to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

RegionWineVintageFormatPrice Sale Price DiscountScore
AustraliaMoss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon201012×75£495.00 £4705.0%95+ (WA)
AustraliaPenfolds Father Grand Tawny 10 YONV6×75£130.00 £9526.9%
AustraliaPenfolds Grandfather Fine Old Tawny PortNV6×75£340 £30011.8%
BordeauxConseillante200812×75£990 £9603.0%95 (WA)
BordeauxDucru Beaucaillou200812×75£1,200 £1,1008.3%95+ (WA)
BordeauxEglise Clinet20096×75£1,525 £1,475 3.3%99+ (WA)
BordeauxForts Latour20096×75£1,000 £950 5.0%96 (AG)
BordeauxGruaud Larose198612×75£1,600 £1,5205.0%96 (WA)
BordeauxHaut Brion199812×75£4,625 £4,3007.0%99 (WA)
BordeauxHosanna20106×75£735 £620 15.7%96 (WA)
BordeauxMargaux19961×150£1,500 £1,3758.3%100 (WA)
BordeauxMargaux199612×75£7,000 £6,25010.7%100 (WA)
BordeauxMontrose19821×75£205 £16516.3%91 (AG)
BordeauxPavie200912×75£2,900 £2,7006.9%100 (WA)
BordeauxPavie Decesse200012×75£1,150 £1,0756.5%96 (WA)
BordeauxPavie Macquin200612×75£600 £570 5.0%93 (WA)
BordeauxPuygueraud200912×75£150 £1453.3%92 (JS)
BurgundyFaiveley Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru19991×75£200 £17512.5%93 (BH)
BurgundyPonsot Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru200412×75£2,200 £2,090 5.0%92 (BH)
ChampagneLouis Roederer Cristal20023×75£660 £57013.6%99 (JS)
ChampagneMoet & Chandon Dom Perignon20026×75£750 £712 5.0%98 (AG)
ChampagneSalon Le Mesnil Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc19901×75£950 £925 2.6%98 (JS)
FortifiedChurchill Porto Vintage198212×75£780 £700 10.3%
PiedmontGaja Barbaresco200112×75£1,650 £1,600 3.0%93+ (JD)
SauternesSuduiraut200724×37.5£480 £36025.0%94 (WA)
SpainLa Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 89020056×75£500 £480 4.0%98 (BH)
SpainLa Rioja Alta Vina Ardanza Reserva201012×75£210 £195 7.1%96 (JS)
SpainLopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Reserva20066×75£117 £110 5.9%95 (WA)
SpainMarques Murrieta Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva20076×75£400 £35012.5%98 (JS)
SpainMarques Murrieta Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva20096×75£410 £370 9.8%96 (WA)
TuscanyPoggione Brunello Montalcino Reserva Pagnelli20076×75£250 £2404.0%95+ (AG)
TuscanyRicasoli Vin Santo del Chianti Classico20096×50£150 £1453.3%95 (WA)
USADominus20086×75£1,100 £975 11.4%99 (WA)
USAKistler Pinot Noir Cuvee Catherine20101×75£170 £1605.9%94 (WA)
USAPeter Michael Sauvignon Blanc Apres-Midi20091×75£285 £17040.4%92 (WA)
USAScarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon20043×75£2,100 £1,900 9.52%99 (WA)
USAScarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon20103×75£1,500 £1,4503.33%98 (WA)

To buy these wines please email sales@igwines.com or telephone +44 (0)20 3957 5582. Offer subject to availability