We highlighted the Margaux commune in 2015 as one to buy aggressively, Malescot St Exupery chief among those awarded 93-95 points. In 2016 the Estate have bettered this, awarded a stunning 94-96 from the Wine Advocate and 98-99 from James Suckling. The release price today is £504 per case of 12, or £252 per case of six. This marks a 17% euro increase, or a 36% sterling increase. Neal Martin says ‘it is one of the best Malescot-St-Exupery that I have tasted and it is wonderful.’ In fact, it is certainly set to be the finest ever, a median score would equal the 2010 vintage which trades at a 43% increase at £720 per case of 12. It is – given the exceptional nature of this vintage – likely that it will achieve its upper most score of 96 points, thereon equalling the 96 point scoring 2009, which trades at £750 and the 2005 which trades at a 79% increase at £900 per case of 12. As such the 2016 is a stunning proposition, which has sold out already in Bordeaux. We are pleased to be able to offer this today, a wine that should be cherished for future consumption, or ripe for speculation, leaving a lot on the table for collectors and very appealing upside. Malescot St Exupery is an Estate in quick ascent, one that deserves very close attention over the coming years. In fact, it is a Third Growth in its own right, located in the centre of the village of Margaux, close to its fellow Third Growth Chateau Palmer.



An analysis of past vintage’s current market price and score from the Wine Advocate demonstrates the relationship between the two variables and indicates an expected price of a newly released vintage. The 2016 release has achieved a median score of 95 points from the Wine Advocate and should therefore be priced at around £620 per case of 12 bottles. Today’s release price of £504 shows a significant discount to this value which indicates that a positive shift in price can be expected in the future. If Malescot 2016 achieves the higher end of its banded score, this estimate could prove to be conservative and an increase in price elevation could be seen.



The origins of Chateau Malescot St Exupery can be traced back exactly 400 years to 1616. In the 1600s there were two owners of the Estate with royal connections. It started with the Escousses, who were notaries for the King. Then Simon Malescot, attorney-general to Louis XIV, took over the Estate near the close of the century. The Estate then changed hands many times, until the name gradually evolved to Malescot St Exupery, which achieved Third Growth status in the 1855 Classification.

In 1866 the Estate was sold to Boissac, a visionary who built the grand Chateau which sits on the Estate today and who also was the first to use gravity during fermentation. The Estate then passed through both German and English ownership in 20th Century before Jean Luc of the Zuger family took over in 1994, bringing in world famous oenologist Michel Rolland as a consultant. On average the vines are 35 years old and they produce 13,000 cases a year. It is an Estate on the up and up and 2016 reaffirms its status as a rising star!

Malescot St Exupery 2016, 12×75 – £504 EP or 6×75 – £252 EP

94-96 Points, Neal Martin, The Wine Advocate
The 2016 Malescot-St-Exupery has an opulent, lavish and pure bouquet with billowing black cherry and blueberry fruit, a touch of mint and graphite emerging with time. I love the delineation to this Margaux. The palate is very well balanced, sensual and voluptuous in style, but that does not detract from the fine structure here and the precision towards the finish. Everything seems to be in its right place here; it is one of the best Malescot-St-Exupery that I have tasted and it is wonderful.

98-99 Points, James Suckling
This is a superb wine. I didn’t think it could be better than the 2015 but indeed it is. Full, layered and sexy. It goes on for minutes with dense fruit, yet it’s also vivid and showcases sublime tannins and acidity balance. Great finish.

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