Having said we had finished our coverage of the magnificent Brunello di Montalcino 2010 vintage, there is one more Brunello we are excited to offer, Cantina La Serena. La Serena only produced 900 cases in 2010, their greatest ever wine. It has been scored 97 points from James Suckling, one of his highest scores of the vintage and 94+ from Monica Larner of the Wine Advocate who says, ‘I am absolutely impressed by the 2010 Brunello di Montalcino from La Serena. The style is bold and far-reaching…wines meet that illusive sweet point between power and elegance that is so difficult to achieve’. There is very little available of this superb, artisanal wine on the market.

The vineyard from which the grapes of La Serena derive has been owned by the Mantengoli family since the 1930s, as part of their larger Estate, La Rasa. In 1988 the family’s youngest sons Andrea and Marcello entered the Mantengoli family’s winery. The family had been owners of La Rasa farm since 1933, however this new generation of the family marked the beginning of their own high quality Brunello wine-making, propelling them quickly to the forefront of the leading producers in Montalcino. The wonderful success can be attributed to the outstanding terroir and the care, attention and devotion they pay their grapes. In addition, the Mantengoli family have employed agronomist Lucio Maruotti and winemaker Paolo Caciorgna to push the envelope of quality.

The 8.5 hectare Estate is cited to the north-east of Montalcino within sub-region of Torrenieri. The vineyard is located at 400 metres above sea level; the soil consists of clay, calcareous matter and these factors combined mean the vines experience a longer ripening period and retain higher levels of acidity than their lower altitude counterparts. Furthermore the soil in the vineyard is less compact, lending the wine to greater approachability in its youth.

In 2010 grapes were harvested in the first two weeks of October, with production around 60 gl per hectare, with a first selection made in August.  Post alcoholic and malolactic fermentation the wines spent 24 months in large 20 hectolitre French oak botte – With the exception of 10% that undergoes ageing in barrique. The wine subsequently spends 12 months refining in bottle. The Estate have now adopted organic viticulture.

La Serena is quickly becoming one of Brunello’s greatest wines and its tiny production makes it nearly impossible to source with bottle age, thus it is real collector’s item. The 94+ scoring 2007 already costs upwards of £250 per case of six bottles, so this is one to buy on release and savour for years to come.

The Great 2010 Brunello di Montalcino Vintage
2010 is being heralded as the greatest Brunello vintage ever; James Suckling comments, ‘the market is apparently on fire. Wine lovers are rejoicing in the incredible high quality of the vintage, and rightly so. The 2010 vintage is a new benchmark for Tuscany’s iconic wine, producing reds with wonderful intensity, structure, and energy.” Vintages like this come along once or twice a lifetime and collectors should focus on these superbly priced, critically acclaimed wines. As Suckling concludes, ‘The 2010 vintage made great wines. There is no doubt about it. This is why you have to buy some.’ To read our Brunello di Montalcino 2010 vintage report please click here.

La Serena Brunello di Montalcino 2010 6×75 – £160 IB or £206.76 duty and VAT

James Suckling 97 Points, tasted Jan 2015          
Intense aromas of dried citrus and meat with hints of rose bush and fresh rosemary. Full body with full, velvety tannins and a decadent, rich finish. Fascinating flavors of spice, citrus and meat. Loads of fruit. From biodynamically grown grapes. Better in 2016
Wine advocate, Monica Larner 94+ Points, tasted Feb 2015
I am absolutely impressed by the 2010 Brunello di Montalcino from La Serena. The style is bold and far-reaching (the alcohol clocks in at 15%) yet the volume is never turned up so high as to drown out the delicate layers of cassis, balsam herb, rosemary and dried tobacco that flutter weightlessly at the back. In addition to the high quality of fruit, the wine exhibits seductive notes of spice, tobacco and dried jerky. This excellent Brunello has not yet started its bottle evolution. Its prime drinking window won’t open for another six to ten years so you’ll need to be extremely patient. 
Andrea Mantengoli’s brand name is La Serena although the name of the estate is La Rasa. His wines meet that illusive sweet point between power and elegance that is so difficult to achieve. That accomplishment seems effortless in the exceptional 2010 vintage. Mantengoli has recently started his conversion to organic farming. 
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