In our 2018 market report we confirmed that Burgundy and in particular DRC had outperformed our yearly projections. The mechanics of Burgundy; miniscule production and decreasing physical stock, combined with increasing global demand has stretched an ever-decreasing global stock position. The DRC stable returned 29% in 2018. We have just reviewed the first quarter of the year and DRC has seen an uptick of 4%.

Today we are delighted to be able to offer two superb parcels of DRC. This includes very rare OWC intact cases of DRC La Tache, from the stunning 2002, 2003 and 2009 vintages. These are stored in bond in the UK, from the UK importer and our offer today provides a discount to market, offering greater upside potential.

DRCVintageFormatOffer Price IBLowest Mkt AMWA
La Tache20026×75£28,500£31,000 9697
La Tache20036×75£25,300£26,000 9599
La Tache20096×75£24,500£26,000 9898

The second parcel comes from our US office, from the US importer. These have unbroken provenance having been stored with our clients since release. This includes an OWC case of Romanee-Conti 2014, which has been awarded 97 points from Burghound and The Wine Advocate. This is an incredible collectors piece! Along with this, the parcel includes a single bottle of La Tache 2013, a Romanee St. Vivant 2006 and a bottle Grands Echezeaux and Richebourg 2000.

DRC (US Labels)VintageFormatOffer Price IBLowest Mkt AMWA
Richebourg20001×75£2,500£2,600 92n/a
Grand Echezeaux20001×75£1,925£2,100 9195
RSV20061×75£1,700£1,850 9495
La Tache20131×75£2,900£2,950 9597
Romanee Conti20143×75£46,750£47,000 9797

Taken together the parcel offers access to pristine stock of one of the best performing and rarest collectors items in the world.

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