We are thrilled to be able to offer six of the finest vintages ever of the mighty First Growth Chateau Margaux, in Magnum. This would be a stunning and rare proposition at any time, however, what makes this even more special, is that these are currently sitting in their cellar at the Chateau, unmoved since bottling. The cherry on top is that they will be packaged in single wooden cases, OWC 1x150cl Magnums, ex-cellar.

The parcel allows buyers to secure either one magnum of their favourite vintage, or a selection, yet more exceptionally a vertical running from 2005 to 2010, perhaps the greatest run ever in their history, including three perfect scores. Furthermore, we can offer the 1996, a Bordeaux legend and one of the towering pinnacles in the landscape of winemaking. Neal Martin says ‘This may well turn out to be the Left Bank pinnacle of the 1990s’. Robert Parker goes further declaring it is ‘one of the most compelling wines I have tasted’. It is the finest of finished articles, incredibly enjoyable now, but capable of ageing for another 50 years, every cellar has a space waiting for a magnum of Margaux 1996! It is priced at £1,500 a magnum, which looks brilliantly priced compared to the great younger vintages.

The 2010, 2009 and 2005 vintages may one day match the 1996 and the 1951, such is their pedigree. The 2010 surely will, a colossal masterpiece, which most expect to receive 100 points from The Wine Advocate, James Suckling has already ordained it with perfection. The 2009 is almost identical, also awarded 99 points from Robert Parker and 100 from Suckling. The 2005 follows the same path, having been awarded a potential perfect score from Parker, perfection from Suckling and now offers up another potential 100 points, with Parker describing it as ‘celestial effort.’ The 2009 and 2010 cost £1,450 a magnum, the 2005 £1,500. The 2008 and 2006 are fine vintages, both awarded 94 points from The Wine Advocate, yet priced at £850 a magnum, two of the best value vintages of any first growths. They are both tasting exceptionally now, with a couple of decades ahead of them. They also form what would be a peerless vertical bookended by 2005 and 2010.

VintageFormat WA ScoreJS ScorePrice IB

Chateau Margaux requires no introduction, for it is probably the most beautiful wine Chateau in the world, certainly the most iconic. The beautifully elegant structure of the Chateau features on the label and in terms of architecture it has no equal amongst its peers. The town itself is found upon a gravel island (peaking at 10-15m, 35-50ft) and Margaux and its neighbour Chateau Palmer boast the commune’s best soil. The gravel here is shallow by comparison to Pauillac with limestone directly underneath. The vines slope down the estuary and it is this poor, shallow soil and good drainage that give these great wines the elegant scent that defines them. It is the most fragrant and graceful of the Bordeaux wines, often described as feminine.

In the late 1970s, Margaux was purchased by the Greek-French entrepreneur Andre Mentzelopoulos. It was ranked number two behind Lafite in the 1855 Classification which has given rise to the saying: ‘If Lafite is the king of clarets Margaux is surely the queen.’ Margaux has a reputation for a perfume of violets, rose petals, cedar and dry ripe fruit.

The Estate produces on average 12,500 cases a year, it is rare indeed for them to release magnums from the cellar especially in these exceptional vintages. We have very limited availability.

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