Hundred Acre Ark is a truly magnificent wine, one of the great wines of Napa and one of the best 100% Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the world. It is extremely rare, only producing a meagre 1,300 to 1,400 cases per year. It is sought after domestically and around the globe, with a five year waiting list. We released it earlier this year when it was scored 96-100 points; Parker hinted that it ‘may merit a 3-digit score in the bottle’. As expected, he has just marked it up to 100 points, making it extremely collectible.

We are very pleased to offer this at more than a 10% discount to the UK market (lowest UK merchant is £915). Furthermore, with the 100 point 2007 Hundred Acre Ark trading at £2,600 per 6×75 (or £1,350 per 3×75) this offers a £1,000 discount. As such, the Ark 2012 is a logical acquisition for collectors of top Napa Cabernets and is yet another triumph from this great vintage.


Jayson Woodbridge the owner of Hundred Acre is a maverick vintner who Parker describes as ‘one of the wine world’s most compelling, outspoken, irreverent, bigger-than-life personalities, [who] can get away with just about anything he wants to say or do simply because year after year he proves what great wine is all about’. 
After several lucrative years as an investment banker, he moved to Napa in 2000, where he purchased what is now the Kayli Morgan Vineyard. This was the genesis of the Hundred Acre Winery; according to Jayson, the vineyard reminded him of The Hundred Acre Wood from Winnie-the-Pooh stories.

The Ark vineyard is located just north of St. Helena in Napa Valley, at the base of Howell Mountain, where the soil is comprised of nine different volcanic strata. Given Jayson’s meticulous attention to detail, the grapes are hand-picked in the vineyard, hand-sorted berry by berry in the winery, and fermented and aged in carefully selected small French oak barrels in the cellar.

We have written in detail about the great 2012 vintage from Napa Valley with its textbook growing conditions of warm days and cool nights. Renowned critic, Robert Parker, described the 2012 vintage as ‘spectacular’ and a ‘no-brainer when it comes to consumers’ interest.’ The 2012 Hundred Acre therefore, is one of their greatest ever wines!

Hundred Acre Ark 2012, re-scored 100 Points Parker 3×75 – £820 IB £991.38 incl VAT and duty

Hundred Acre Ark 2012

A perfect wine is the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Arc Vineyard from Woodbridge’s property on Howell Mountain. This is an amazingly deep, rich, blueberry, blackberry and mulberry scented and flavored wine with skyscraper-like texture, remarkable intensity, again great, great purity, and the new oak completely concealed by the lavish and extravagant amounts of fruit. One hundred percent Cabernet Sauvignon, as are all these wines, the Ark Vineyard is certainly another blockbuster wine with no hard edges that comes across like a flawlessly constructed dress from an haute couture house in Paris. It should drink well for 25-30 years as well. Robert Parker, 100 Points

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