Sine Qua Non make less than 4,000 cases a year, split between numerous wines, deriving from several vineyards. Most Sine Qua Non bottling sees 18-24 months in oak, however this is extend to 40 months in new oak barrel for the Extended Barrel Aged (EBA) wines. These are mostly derived from the vineyard named ‘Eleven Confessions’ which is cited in the Santa Rita Hills and was the first vineyard purchased by Manfred Krankl. Each year he makes only one EBA Syrah and one EBA Grenache, he uses a variable composition of these then to make a collector’s case.

The Non EBA wines are stunning propositions, sourced from the same vineyards and leading plots. They undergo less age in oak, but no less of Manfred’s Austrian vine love. He treats them with the same care and passion as his EBA wines, maximising potential. It is noteworthy that these receive scores every year that surpass other leading Californian wines. Our sale below includes a mixture of the finest releases over several vintages.

Sine Qua Non (Non EBAs)

Sine Qua NonYearFormatWAPriceMarketDis
Piranha Waterdance20141×7597-100£210£24013%
Piranha Waterdance20146×7597-100£1,350£1,4255%
Male Syrah20131×15098£480£60020%
Resiste White20131×7597£180£1905%
Male Syrah20131×7598£210£2152%
Upside Down20091×7596+£210£26019%

The EBAs are colossal wines which to date have been awarded 14 perfect scores from Robert Parker. These sells out 10 times over on their mailing list and rise in price quickly, each awarded perfect scores or near perfect scores. The sale below includes some very interesting single bottles, allowing you to experience the vintage without buying a full case.

Sine Qua Non (EBAs)

Sine Qua NonYearFormatWAPriceMarketDis
Touche & Rattrapante20126×75100/100£3,750£3,8001%
Patine Syrah20111×7598£285£35019%
Patine Grenache20111×7597£280£33015%
Shot in Dark Syrah20061×75100£735£7401%

In addition, it includes full cases of the stunning 100 point Touche & Rattrapante 2012, which will be a legend in the pantheon of SQN greats. They named the 2012 Touche and Rattrapante for the Syrah and Grenache respectively. It is obvious from the price comparison below that they are undervalued. The last eight vintages have seen six perfect scores, which includes two double hundred points sets in 2006 & 2010. These command considerable premiums, the 2007 trades 60% higher than the 2012 at £6,000. This case is one of the most remarkable anywhere, a magnificent effort.

Sine Qua Non (EBA) Price Comparison 

VintageSine Qua NonWAPrice
2004Ode to E – 3 Syrah / 3 Grenache100/99£4,400
200517th Nail in my Cranium & Naked Truth – 4 Syrah / 2 Grenache97/100£5,000
2006Shot in Dark & Crosshair 3 Syrah / 3 Grenache100/100£5,750
2007The Dangerous Birds – 4 Syrah / 2 Grenache98/99£4,000
2009This is not an Exit – 4 Syrah / 2 Grenache96/97£2,600
2010Stockholm Syndrome – 3 Syrah / 3 Grenache100/100£4,400
2011Patine – 3 Syrah / 3 Grenache97/98£2,200
2012Touche & Rattrapante – 3 Syrah / 3 Grenache100/100£3,750

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