The global cachet for the leading wines of the Napa Valley and the rest of California has never been higher, critically, these wines have been outscoring every other region globally. In 2013, the wines of California received 52 straight 100 point scores from The Wine Advocate, this is unprecedented across an individual vintage in any of the world’s wine regions throughout history. What is even more remarkable is the 2013s followed 30 straight 100 point wines from the 2012 vintage. It was not only Napa’s Cabernet Sauvignons and Bordeaux Blends which excelled, Pinot Noir from Sonoma and Syrah and Grenache from the central coast also achieved a slew of perfect scores. This has raised the bar significantly, easily surpassing the excellent 2010 vintage which saw nine 100 points wines and the 2007 vintage which saw 13. These scores exceed even the great vintages in Bordeaux for sheer weight of perfect scores. Parker is now coming to the end of his career, no longer tasting en primeur in Bordeaux and having long since handed over the responsibilities for the rest of Europe. In short, it is likely that 2012 and 2013 in California will be the last great twin vintages Parker scores and the wines he deems great will be as synonymous with him as the 1982 Bordeaux vintage was at the beginning of his career.

We are delighted to offer a selection of our favourite wines from the 2012 and 2013 vintages including, cases of three bottles of each of the newly released Sine Qua Non Extend Barrel Aged, Touche Syrah and Rattrapante Grenache, both of which score 100 points; the 99+ point Harlan 2012 at over 17% below the UK market price and, after recent price increases from the winery, £200 below the newly released 2014 which was awarded 96 points. We can also offer a very rare magnum of Schrader Old Sparky 2013 at over 25% below the UK market which Parker says is ‘…as great as Cabernet can be’, on his way to awarding it 100 points. As well as the big name producers, we can offer Calera from the 2012 and 2013 vintages which, at under £50 per bottle and scoring above 95 points, represents some of the best quality versus price Pinot Noir anywhere in the world.

Quantity is very limited so please do not hesitate to contact us should you want specific recommendations or to secure any of the wines offered today.

WineVintageFormatScorePrice% Saving
Calera Mills Pinot Noir20121×7596£4414%
Calera Mills Pinot Noir20126×7596£26513%
Calera Ryan Pinot Noir20136×7595£2105%
Harlan Proprietary Red20126×7599+£3,75017%
Joseph Phelps Insignia20136×7598+£8104%
Ovid Hexameter20131×7599£2759%
Ovid Hexameter20131×15099£6606%
Peter Michael Au Paradis20136×7598£99515%
Peter Michael Au Paradis20131×15098£40013%
Schrader CS Beckstoffer
Schrader Old Sparky20131×150100£1,10027%
Schrader RBS Beckstoffer
Schrader RBS Beckstoffer
SQN Confessions Male Syrah20131×15098£55018%
SQN Confessions Male Syrah20131×7598£2102%
SQN Touche & Rattrapante20126×75100/100£3,80011%
Stags Leap Cask 2320136×7597+£7401%
Stags Leap SLV20136×7596£4207%

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