We mentioned during the 2014 En Primeur campaign that the vintage conditions were reminiscent of the 2008 campaign, the last widely profitable campaign for collectors. The 2008 vintage followed the over-hyped run of 2005, 2006 and 2007, which were aggressively priced by the Bordelais. As such 2008 saw a lowering of prices gratefully received by the market. A similar situation occurred in 2014, following the outrageously priced 2009, 2010 and 2011, the charming yet ill-fated 2012 vintage and the forgettable 2013. As such many leading Estates, particularly the First Growths released at prices that made the wines the lowest priced vintage in the market.

The 2014s have two other advantages, the first is that is a very good vintage, arguably the best since 2005, 2009 and 2010. The second was that the exchange rate was favourable, with most of the campaign experiencing a Euro/Pound rate of .71. This is 9.9% lower than the exchange rate today. Haut Brion 2014 released at €265 ex-London, or £1,150 per case of six bottles. This gave Haut Brion 2014 the distinction of being the only First Growth on the market for under £200 a bottle.

The excellent First Growth pricing in 2014 saw the market sell through stock and today the ex-London price from the Place du Bordeaux has moved to £1,250 per case of six. This time next year Haut Brion 2014 will be the lowest priced physical vintage of Bordeaux First Growth and in strong demand. It is instructive that despite the 2013’s poor quality it is proving very popular in the brand driven Asian market: 2014 Haut Brion will prove extremely popular once in bottle and in short supply. The table below reflects the incredible value found in Haut Brion 2014 in 6x75cl cases and its discount compared to other vintages. All the Wine Advocate (WA) scores are Parker’s, only the 2014 is Martin’s.







VintagesJSWSWAPrice2014 Discount

Haut Brion 2014 is hugely undervalued compared to similar scoring vintages of other First Growths and Bordeaux itself. It has been awarded 95-98 points by the experienced James Molesworth (JM) of the Wine Spectator, 95-96 from James Suckling (JS), 97 from the Wine Enthusiast, 96 fom Jeff Leve and 94-97 from Antonio Galloni. Neil Martin awarded it 93-95, yet scored La Mission Haut Brion as his highest scoring wine with 95-97. He has clearly uncooked this, as he did the other First Growths. Parker, who favours Haut Brion, will score the 2014s for the first time next year out of bottle, another event which will drive the price upwards.

This Haut Brion offers the best value for money of any First Growth in the market and today we can offer a parcel at the original London release price. At £192 per bottle en primeur, or £232.46 including all duties and VAT Haut Brion 2014 is very strong buy and highly recommended. The market will always seek out the best value and Haut Brion is one of the greatest wines in the world.

Haut Brion 2014  6×75 – £1,150 EP 12×75 – £2,300 EP

95-98 – Wine Spectator
95-96 – James Suckling
93-95 – Neil Martin


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