Today we are very pleased to be able to offer the most monumental set of wines to hail from the Northern Rhone, the 2017 vintage of Guigal’s legendary La Las. Robert Parker writes, “No one does it better; no one has done it longer; and no one seems to have the Midas touch for putting the wines in the bottle at precisely the right moment to capture the essence of a wine before it begins to fade or lose its vibrancy. This may sound easy, but to date, no one comes remotely close to what the Guigals consistently do across all fields of play.” Guigal’s single vineyard Cote Roties (colloquially known as the La Las) are exceptional wines, which Rhone aficionado Jeb Dunnuck has named as, “some of the greatest wines money can buy” as well as considering Guigal to be “one of the world’s greatest wine estates.”
The 2017 E. Guigal Cote Rotie La Turque, of which only 400 cases are made per annum, is a triumph. Jeb Dunnuck awards it a potential perfect score of 97-100 points, writing, “I loved the 2017 Côte Rôtie La Turque, which shows the sunny warmth of the vintage while staying balanced, pure, and light on its feet. Awesome notes of ripe black fruits, chocolate, spice box, and incense emerge from the glass and it’s full-bodied, has building tannins, a weightless texture, and a monster of a finish.” Joe Czerwinski of The Wine Advocate also awarded it an impressive near perfect 97-99 points and comments that, “The marvelous blueberry and raspberry fruit is broad and expansive on the full-bodied palate without being heavy or overly rich, perfectly framed by soft, dusty tannins on a lingering finish.”
The 2017 La Landonne is shaping up to be a beauty, having already been awarded not one, but two potential perfect 97–100-point scores from both Jeb Dunnuck as well as Czerwinski. Dunnuck posits that the 2017 is “certainly in the same ballpark” as the great vintages of 2015, 2010. 2009 2005 and 2003 (which are all considered some of Guigals finest) while Czerwinski finds the 2017 vintage to be, “More marked by pepper and licorice than the 2016, Guigal’s 2017 Cote Rotie La Landonne is also richer, rounder and longer. It’s full-bodied, velvety in texture and offers a kaleidoscope of dark fruit flavors that gradually morph over the course of an almost never-ending finish. This vintage, La Landonne has it all.”
Finally, the La Mouline, which is consistently the most elegant of the trio, hiding its power and concentration in suave tannins and fresh and pure fruit, has been scored 97-99 points by both Jeb Dunnuck and Joe Czerwinski. Dunnuck describes it as, “upfront and expressive, which is certainly in the style of this terrific vintage. Loads of spiced meats, chocolate, spring flowers, and assorted red and black fruits all soar from the glass. With full-bodied richness, incredibly complexity and nuance, building tannins, and just loads of upfront sex appeal” while Czerwinski believes it, “delivers waves of joyous blueberry fruit, accented by complex notions of violets and dried spices. It’s full-bodied yet supple and plush, showing incredible balance, complexity and texture at this early stage of its development.” Each of these exceptional wines are available today at the release price of £1325 per case of 6 with a special price of £3900 when purchasing a case of each.
Perfect scoring 100 point La Las are some of the most sought-after wines in the world, yet the combined three single vineyard plots produce a meagre 1,500 cases, ensuring that they become virtually unobtainable in older vintages. Our release price today is £1,325 per individual case of 6, but today we can offer a special price of £3,900 for a case of each, this allows these highly revered wines to be kept intact as a trilogy. At £1,325 per case of 6, today’s release price offers a considerable reduction on the price of virtually every other 100-point vintage, as can be seen from the table below for La Landonne.

LandonneWA Price 

It was in 1946 that Etienne Guigal created the eponymously named wine house, E. Guigal, overseeing a renaissance of the great Grand Cru appellation Cote-Rotie, which had been almost abandoned. He built his reputation around two extraordinary Cote-Rotie cuvees, the exquisitely structured La Landonne and the velvety, finessed La Mouline. His enormous impact on the region would be continued by his son Marcel Guigal, who took over the Estate in 1961 and who is now considered one of the greatest winemakers in the world. The Guigal family have unequivocally demonstrated that Cote-Rotie must be present in the pantheon of the world’s leading wines, and it was in 1985 that the polished yet boisterous La Turque vineyard was introduced to their range, cementing the success of the house. These three wines make up the holy trinity of the Northern Rhone; La Mouline, La Landonne and La Turque are all single estate vineyards and have been collectively coined as the La Las.
The La Las have accrued countless 100-point scores across critics throughout their respective back vintage histories. These are some of the most iconic bottles not only in the Rhone, but in all the world, offering unrivalled flavour intensity, impeccable levels of fruit purity and incredible levels of length and complexity. The yields from the three vineyards – La Mouline, La Landonne, and La Turque are absolutely tiny and collectors world-wide fall over each other to secure first tranche allocations of these superlative wines. We are therefore absolutely delighted to offer this allocation today of the newly released and long anticipated 2017s from these sacred vineyards, which are already poised to join the ranks of perfect 100-pointers.