The Burgundy 2022 En Primeur contiues at pace with today’s offerings from Domaine Louis Jadot, including their 95-98 point Clos Vougeot Grand Cru, available at £855 IB per 6. It is extremely rare to be able to offer a singular, untied, top scoring Grand Cru from Burgundy in an En Primeur campaign, so this is a serious proposition for all Burgundy lovers who are looking to buy some reasonably priced cases from this excellent vintage.

Maison Louis Jadot needs little introduction as one of the largest Domaines and vineyard owners in Burgundy, with comprehensive holdings which span across nearly every 1er Cru and Grand Cru site within the Cote d’Or. In recent years, their superb terroir has begun to compete with the most illustrious Domaines, while remaining competitively priced in comparison. The Domaine Gagey vineyard holdings are the heart of the Maison Louis Jadot portfolio and are under the personal ownership of the Gagey family, who have run Louis Jadot for over half a century. Pierre-Henry Gagey has led the company since 1992, having taken over from his father André Gagey who was a winemaker synonymous with the Burgundy wine industry. His son Thibault Gagey now works alongside his father as the Deputy General Manager.

The health of the soils is of the utmost importance at Louis Jadot which is why the soils aren’t worked too deeply – being only lightly ploughed by tractor or horse in more inaccessible areas. This helps to preserve the structure of the soil which in turn passes the precious minerality onto the deep rooted vines. In recent years, their superb portfolio has begun to compete with the leading bijou growers, while remaining at comparatively affordable prices for a leading Burgundy. Jadot’s economies of scale and long history of exceptional winemaking mean that their best plots often produce spectacular wines at attractive prices.

2022 Wines

As the 2022 Burgundy En Primeur campaign gets into full swing this month, make sure to keep an eye on all of the new releases and our recommendations for the vintage.