Dom Perignon have recently released their newest Power of Creation project. This year they have partnered with the renowned Japanese artist, Tokujin Yoshioka. This exclusive collaboration is an encounter between the dark, iconic and playful style of Dom Perignon and the luminous and elegant style of Yoshioka. This artist’s reputation precedes him with his works being displayed in renowned permanent collections in museums such as MoMA in NYC, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC and Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein. In addition to these, Tokujin has also designed for prestigious global companies such as Cartier, Swarovski, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Toyota, and Lexus. Tokujin Yoshioka’s collaboration is exciting due to his global cachet and the obvious Asian demand that this will stir. Its attraction is furthered by the release being the excellent 2009 vintage, having received 95 points from the world’s leading Champagne critic Richard Juhlin. Therefore, this collaboration is one of the most promising ever. It is priced today at £590 per case of six, only £35 more than the standard case release. The added limited-edition gift box and label, make this very investible and thereon collectible, but also a perfect gift for Christmas!

Since their inception the Dom Perignon Special Edition sets have shown excellent price appreciation. For example, we released the Michael Riedel last Christmas for £555, which has risen 9% to £600, the Iris Van Herpen at Christmas in 2014 for £510, which has risen 41% to £720 and Jeff Koons in 2013 for £500, which is up 50% to £750 per case of six. The table below demonstrates the obvious vintage premium and collectability. They are made in minuscule quantities compared to the standard Dom Perignon and are highly sought after on release, becoming scarce within a few years, which drives the price up. The Limited-Edition collections are stunning works of art, which look brilliant on any table, as an ornament in a cellar, or once consumed, and brilliant gifts.

2009Tokujin Yoshioka95£590
2006Michael Riedel97£600
2004Jeff Koons96£750
2004Iris Van Herpen96£720
2003David Lynch96£670
2002Andy Warhol94£1,200

The 2009 Dom Perignon vintage has been described as being a “solar” vintage due to the sunny and hot climatic conditions which this particular vintage experienced. This only made it natural for this particular vintage to be forever tied with the outstanding luminous works of Tokujin Yoshioka. His works transcends the boundaries of product design and architecture making Tokujin’s creations art in its most unique expression. One of the aspects of the gift box and label design is the image of sunlight passing through a prism, as a rainbow of colours hits the eye, reflected with the stunning notes and nuances on the palate. He has created a sculpture to accompany this also, which is in high demand. Indeed, by giving figure to various human senses, using immaterialistic elements, such as light, sound and smell, he creates expressions that are unique, surpassing the concept of shape. His works are also reflections of Japanese nature, pursuing roots of Japanese culture that perceptualize natural energy and aura.

The powerful design of Tokujin Yoshioka, inspired by nature, opulent and yet minimalist, reflects the characters of Dom Perignon 2009: rich, bold and avant-garde. This perfect collaboration between artist and vintage enables each other to transcend normality and reach another dimension when it comes to product/artist oeuvre. The 2009 Edition offer today gives collectors the chance to buy at the release price, before the price is pushed up. There is a constant global demand for these editions, which is understandable given the double attraction. Tokujin Yoshioka is a global powerhouse, while the 2009 vintage is superb.

Dom Perignon Tokujin Yoshioka Limited Edition 2009, 6×75 – £590 IB

95 Points, Richard Juhlin
Given that the 2009 vintage must be regarded as an early mature vintage the youthful character of Dom Perignon is both surprising and refreshing. The structure is of course dense and impeccable with church halls of space for aromatic development. The first two bottles I tasted suffer a little because of short time after discorgment, as they take exceptionally long time to develop in the glass. When some oxygen and time have passed, I find beautiful bright floral notes nicely intertwined with apricot and peach. Coffee aromas and pine nuts turn up just before the last sip have passed through my throat and I am very curious to follow this shy elusive jewelry into the future.

94+ Points, Antonio Galloni
The 2009 Dom Pérignon is a gorgeous, totally seductive Champagne that will drink well right out of the gate. Medium in body and unusually open-knit at this stage, the 2009 is one of the most accessible young Dom Pérignons I can remember tasting. It is an excellent choice to drink while waiting for the release of the stellar 2008 and some recent vintages that remain very young, including the 2006. Despite the warm, ripe personality of the 2009 Dom Pérignon is quite gracious, but there is plenty of depth underpinning the fruit. With each successive tasting, the 2009 seems to have gained more power and breadth, especially on the finish. Above all else, the 2009 is decidedly restrained for a warm, radiant vintage. It is not as overtly flamboyant as the 2002 nor as phenolically intense as years like 2003 and 2006. Instead, the 2009 is a beautifully balanced Champagne, with all of its elements in the right place. Tasted three times.

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